How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back From Another Guy?

To love someone isn’t in one’s hands. Instead, it is a very natural and unexpected event. Sometimes we fall in love with someone within a blink of an eye, but to forget that person doesn’t happen so quickly. It takes time and a hell lot of effort to forget about the person you once loved. There are times when you don’t want to forget your ex. Instead, you want them back in your life. To know how to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy, you need to read this article first.



  • Falling in love is natural and unexpected, but forgetting someone takes time and effort.
  • Apologize sincerely if you’ve wronged your ex-girlfriend and caused pain.
  • Be kind, understanding, and supportive, even if she’s with someone else.
  • Use the no contact rule for a while to create curiosity and absence.
  • Contact her after some time and be calm, patient, and non-desperate.

Things You Should Do To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back from Another Guy

To get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy isn’t a piece of cake. However, if you stay determined and focused on getting her back, you can achieve your goal in no time. There are some points you should focus on before trying to get her back. The points and things you should be focused on before doing anything are discussed below in detail.

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back From Another Guy?

1. Apologize Her if You Wronged Her

The best way to get your ex-girlfriend back from the arms of another guy is to make amends for your wrongdoings. If you were the one who caused pain and initiated this breakup, you should apologize.

Don’t let your ego belittle you because apologizing doesn’t make you weak, but it proves you are strong. Apologize to your ex-girlfriend sincerely for every time you wronged her and made her cry.

There are many appropriate ways to show your ex-girlfriend that you are sorry for whatever happened between you both. You should make it up to her if you want to get your ex-girlfriend back when seeing someone else. You can show how much resentful you are by saying either one of these discussed lines.

  • I feel so bad about us being apart. I feel so remorseful for the way we got separated.
  • Please accept my humble apologies for my rude behavior.
  • I repent for making you feel hurt. I am so sorry for hurting you.
  • I realize you’re with someone else now, and I’m no longer anticipating anything from you. I just wish that you know how sorry I am and apologetic for what happened between us.

2. Be Kind to Her

You should be super kind and super sweet when you want your ex back. Show her your gentle side more often and make her feel safe and protected with you. Stay by her side as a friend even if she is seeing someone else. Try to stay as calm and understanding as possible about her new relationship. Do not obsess about her new boyfriend.

Being rude to her will only make you feel bad later on. If you centralize your thoughts here, you will just get upset and jealous. The stress and jealousy will not take you anywhere except on the path of repentance.

3. Use No Contact Rule (For a while)

You have to become strict and restrain yourself from contacting your ex for your good. No contact rule helps you in many aspects. It makes you strong and mature enough to face any difficulty in the future. This rule may or may not work for you in getting your ex back, but it will make you strong for sure.

Disappear from your ex-girlfriend’s life for a while and let her feel your absence. The more she feels your absence, the more the chances of you guys getting back together. When it comes to winning your ex’s heart back or getting her back when there’s another guy in the picture, it gets messy.

However, it is not impossible to get your ex-girlfriend back. You should apply the no contact rule for a while and see the magic afterwards. The no-contact practice makes the task of getting your ex back a bit easier.

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4. Contact Her After Some Time

Reappear in your ex-girlfriend’s life after completing the required time of no contact rule. After disappearing from your ex-girlfriend’s life for a while, make a powerful comeback. Reach out to your ex-girlfriend and be very sober and calm while doing so.

Your radio silence would already have made her curious about your whereabouts or even made her worried. In such a situation, your soberness and calm behavior will make her crave for you even more.

5. Do Not Act Desperately

When you want your ex-girlfriend back, you should act very patiently. If you act desperately, your ex-girlfriend will only get a wrong impression of you. She’ll think that you are still an immature and clingy person like you used to be in the past. To avoid any nuisance and win your ex’s heart as soon as possible, you should be patient. Desperate behavior shouldn’t be shown to your ex-girlfriend, or else you’ll lose her for good.

6. Keep in Touch With Her

The best way to get your ex-girlfriend back when she’s with another guy, is to stay connected with her. Stay in touch with her even after the breakup to show her you care. Get involved in her life but don’t suffocate her or irritate her by your involvement in her life. Stay in contact with her but be polite and reasonable.

When you stay in touch yet keep your distance, it shows you respect your ex’s decision. This makes you look good in your ex’s eyes.

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back From Another Guy?

7. Bring Back Good Old memories to Her

Every couple has had a good time with each other. The time may vary from person to person or relation to relation, but everyone does have good memories of their ex. Good memories are one of the favorite and unforgettable parts after breaking up. Good memories may become the route for your ex to come back to you. 

If you want to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy, you should act cunningly yet sensibly. Meet your ex from time to time and remind her about those beautiful and lovely moments you guys spent together. Reminding your ex about pleasant memories will help you win her heart again. She will be mesmerized by that time.

Everyone gets nostalgic once in a while, no matter how strong they are. Take advantage of this nostalgic situation and win your ex back from another guy.

8. Show Her that You’re a Better Person Now

Your ex broke up with you because you lacked in things she wanted you to exceed in. If she was the one initiating the breakup, then she may find moving on very easy. On the other hand, you feel miserable without her and want to get her back in your life. You have to change yourself to get her back. Groom yourself in all the aspects she wanted to see you groomed.

Make her realize that you are a changed person now. Don’t just show it; instead, be a better person for her. Treat her well and treasure her. Make amendments for all of your lacking and make sure to become the person your ex-girlfriend wanted you to be.

When she sees a new, better, and groomed person, she will get attracted to you herself. It will be easy for you to get your ex-girlfriend back even when she has moved on.

9. Give Her a Compliment

Complimenting anyone is the best way to get their attention. You should praise your ex whenever you meet or talk. Tell her that party wear looks good on her or a pair of jeans suits her better with a loose messy bun etc. Compliments like that will make your ex’s heart flutter, and your chances of getting back together will be high.

10. Flirt With Her

One of the best and fastest ways to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy is to lure her with your charms. Flirting with your ex-girlfriend gives her the idea about your feelings towards her. Once she knows about your feelings, she can be open about her feelings too. She won’t feel shy or ashamed while meeting or talking to you.

Flirting with your ex-girlfriend enhances the chance of winning her back. Everyone loves to be loved. Keep your charm-spark enlightened until you get your ex back. The techniques are the same. Always put on a smiley face while talking to her. Look directly into her eyes while having a conversation. You can also touch her once in a while to let her feel the warmth of your touch.

11. Use Social Media to Lure Her

One of the tips to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy is to use social media properly. You can easily attract someone through your social media, be it your ex-girlfriend. The things kept in mind while attracting your ex-girlfriend through social media are:

Don’t Ever Change Your “In A Relationship” Status – When exes see relationship status saying ‘in a relationship, they get curious. It may create a chance of you both getting closer.

Put Positive and Happy Stories – Always put happy and positive quotes on your stories. Seeing you happy makes your ex curious. Once they reach out to you, new opportunities for you to get back together eventually come around.

Avoid Posting Sad And Depressing Quotes – When you post sad and disturbing quotes or posts, it shows that you are not over your past. Mainly this repels the exes because no one wants to live with a confused and sad soul.

Stay Productively Active On Your Social Media Accounts – People active on social media tend to attract more audience than un-active people. You should post your productive activities on your social media accounts to get your ex interested in you again.

Upload Your Workout Clips – Girls love six-packs. Show some muscles and exhibit your workout a bit on social media. Please don’t overdo it (put full workout videos) but show that you are really into the gym and stuff.

Make New Friends On Social Media – Make new friends and send streaks of you hanging out with them to your contact list. Show your ex that you are enjoying your life to its fullest.

12. Meetups are a Great Idea!

You should meet your ex-girlfriend now and then to make her feel connected to you. Meetups are very helpful in making the bond stronger. However, these meetups should be very neutral and natural. They shouldn’t be personal or intimate.

Make your ex feel relaxed and happy when you guys meet. Crack some jokes to lighten up the mood and talk about random stuff at first. Don’t jump to your relationship problems right after your ex comes to meet you. Talking about getting back or things about your break up only pushes your ex away.

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back From Another Guy?

13. Give Her a Shoulder & Listen to her

Try to be there for her in need. You should be her best friend and listener. Listen to what she has to say about anything, listen to her, and agree with her. Be there for her when she fights with her new boyfriend to console her. After some time, she’ll know your worth and will come back to you herself.

Things You Should Avoid If You Don’t Want Your Girlfriend With Another Guy

If you want to get your ex back when she has moved on, you should act very carefully. There are many things you should strictly avoid to get your ex back. The things you should be very careful about are:

1. Texting or Calling Her All The Time

The first and most important thing to remember while chasing your ex-girlfriend is to stay intact. You should avoid being a clingy person. No one likes to hang out with a clingy person. You should try not to disturb her all the time by calling and texting her. Give her some personal space and time.

If you call her all the time, she would get annoyed and think very lowly of you, and surely you don’t want this to happen.  If you want your ex to get back when there’s another guy, you should act wiser and mature.

2. Flirting With Her All The Time

The second most important thing to keep in mind while winning your ex-girlfriend’s heart is to be sensible. You should know when to flirt and how to. You shouldn’t flirt with your ex-girlfriend whenever you get the opportunity to do so. Instead, you should stay reserve at times.

Flirting with your ex is good; if you want her back but the excess of everything is wrong, let it be flirt then. Never flirt with your ex continuously; instead, flirt only when you feel you should, to keep the situation under control.

3. Begging and Pleading Her To Take You Back

It is very sensible to act politely while talking to your beloved ones but never beg anyone to stay. The thing that annoys exes the most is when you beg them not to leave you. They start feeling superior and degrade you again and again. The more you beg them to stay, the more they will act distant.

The number 1 tip to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy is to act maturely. Give time to your ex, give her some time to think, and don’t beg her to stay. Be honest about your feelings with your ex-girlfriend but do not ask her to take you back yourself. Let her make this decision, and you shouldn’t force her.

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4. Being Rude with Her New Boyfriend

Girls are very emotional and sentimental by nature. Some girls are strong but still, they become emotional at times. Girls hate it when someone talks ill about their beloved ones, let it be anyone; their friends, their teachers, or their partners.

If you want to stay in your ex-girlfriend’s good books, you should be very polite to her partner. It may seem absurd, but you have to avoid being rude. If you want your ex back, it is essential to stay on good terms with your love rival; your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

5. Comparing The Another Guy with Yourself

You should not compare yourself and your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend in any situation. This is the most irritating thing you can do to make your ex annoyed. Things like; your new boyfriend is more handsome than me, annoys the hell out of girls. Girls usually hate making comparisons when they love you.

Instead of making comparisons, you should work hard to show your positive aspects to your ex-girlfriend.

6. Backbite About Her New Boyfriend

The thing that may take you away from your ex is back-biting about their new partner. Back-biting, in general, isn’t a healthy activity to adopt. When you back-bite about your ex’s new boyfriend, she will ultimately get away from you. The habit of back-biting about others only makes you a bad guy, and nothing goes wrong for the one about whom you are back-biting.

If you want to get your ex-girlfriend back when she is seeing another guy, you really shouldn’t be mean to her people. For this exact reason, the last thing you should do is talk bad about her boyfriend in front of her.

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back From Another Guy?

7. Rushing Things

You must have heard that taking things slowly will get you back to your ex, and you have heard it right. Taking things slow while re-uniting with your ex is the best approach to access. If you rush things, your ex might get frightened and may repel you.   

Slow and steady wins the race is the best quote to keep in mind while thinking about getting back with your ex-girlfriend. To make things work out for you, you should keep things slow. To go slow doesn’t mean a delay in your meetups and dates. To take things slow means to give time to your ex. Rushing things always end up badly.

8. Getting Furious & Saying Bad Things About Her

The most common mistake usually noticed in broken-up couples is they talk ill about each other in front of familiar friends. No matter what happens, you should never call ill about your ex-girlfriend under any circumstances. It ultimately diminishes the chance of you getting her back in your life.

How To Know If She’s Moved On or In a Rebound Relationship With An Another Guy?

Girls mostly hook up with nice guys when they can’t get over their past relationship. They go into a rebound relationship with the guy who treats them like a princess and enjoys being pampered. Your ex-girlfriend might also be experiencing the same situation. She might even be in a rebound relationship to get her mind off you and the breakup pain.

Before doing anything to get her back, confirm whether she is having a serious relationship or is she just experiencing a rebound relationship. If your ex is in a rebound relationship, it will be a bit easy to win her back. On the other hand, if she has moved on and is in a serious relationship, things might get hard but not impossible.

Get Her Back From a Rebound Relationship

To get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy, you need to work hard. You have to show her that you have changed and make her believe that you changed because of her. Make her realize that you have overcome most of the lacking due to which she left you in the first place.

Show her that you have entirely changed yourself in the way she wanted you to be. Prove it to her that you are a better and mature person than before.

Slowly and steadily develop an emotional and then physical interaction with her. Don’t rush things. Instead, be gentle and patient. Make her confused about her feelings for her rebound boyfriend by interacting with her more often. Make her happy while she is with you and do what she asks you to do. She will get used to being around all the time and will miss you when you aren’t with her.

Once she gets used to being around you, she’ll understand that she isn’t attracted to her new boyfriend emotionally. She will be sure about the fact that she is just forcing her feelings towards her new boyfriend. Once she believes that half of your problem solves, then and there.

The rest becomes very easy. All you have to do now is pamper your ex-girlfriend and love her as much as you can. Give her time and love her until she realizes her true feelings for you.

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How to Get your ex-girlfriend Back When She Has Moved on?

It’s sometimes a very tough task to get your ex-girlfriend back when she has moved. But it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Everything is possible if you are determined to do it. The same is the case here in this situation (getting your ex back). There are some steps you should take to get your ex back in your life happily.

  • Groom yourself in every aspect possible.
  • Don’t argue with her and give her logic on what she should do and what not.
  • Be as understanding as possible about her new relationship.
  • Express your true feelings but don’t impose them on her.
  • Be available for her but not every time.
  • Don’t compare yourself with her new partner; instead, be better than him and let her see that.
  • Tell her directly when you feel sorry for her.
  • Don’t get clingy or jealous.
  • Make her feel secure and well-protected while being with you.

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Is It Possible to Win Back My Ex-Girlfriend from another Guy?

Your willpower and determination to get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy, decide the fate you will have with your ex. There are primarily two scenarios. Either your ex will come back to you, or she will choose to stay with her new partner. Both of these situations depend on the relationship you had with your ex before and after break up.

If you and your ex-girlfriend were together for quite some time, then yes, you can get back together. The chances of you getting back with your ex-girlfriend gets higher if you guys had a good time together. If the memories you guys have of each other are pleasant, then the chance of getting back together is very high. It is indeed tough to forget about the person you shared your most memorable times with.

If you were the one who broke up with your ex-girlfriend, things might get complicated in this situation. As you were the one who initiated the breakup, she might never want to give you a chance ever again. However, it is not written on the stone that your ex won’t ever give you a second chance. There are some cases where the girls give their exes second chances, and they live happily.

We can’t say anything about your ex-girlfriend returning to you even when she has moved on; as said before, it depends on your relationship, her willingness, and your determination to get her back. There are tons of people who succeed in getting their ex-girlfriends back without even putting in a lot of effort.

Get your ex back

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To fall for someone might be easy but to forget isn’t easy at all. It is tough to forget and move on if you are still in love with your ex. To have a feeling for your ex-girlfriend isn’t a bad thing, and it is pretty standard. But the real question is whether you want her back in your life as your life partner or you just like her.

If you love her as a person and want to spend the rest of your life, you should gather courage and take the initiative.

You can get your ex-girlfriend back from another guy if you are determined to get her back. Firstly, groom yourself in every possible way and approach her after becoming the person she always wanted you to be. When you approach her, be sensible and act maturely. Don’t act childishly and avoid rushing things.

Make her comfortable with you first, then tell her about your feelings. If you take things slow and don’t rush them, she will feel your sincerity and give you a second chance. Once you get that chance, be sure to make it worth it and prove that she made the best decision by choosing you.

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