Why Do I Still Think About My Ex? 4 Major Reasons!

Breakups leave marks on your soul as you cannot be the same person you were before. You want to move on and start a new and healthy life, but you are still thinking about your Ex. You must be confused as to why you still miss your ex even when you have decided to move on.

If you are going through this phase of thinking about your ex, this article guide will probably help you a lot. We will discuss why you keep thinking about your ex and the possible solutions that will help you stop thinking about your past life and get rid of the pain. 

Why Do You Think About Your Ex? 

Breakups are heartbreaking for some people, but it is different for those who did not invest that much time and love. Nevertheless, it is hard to move on for those who are serious about their relationship. Being able to say that someone should move on is easier than doing it yourself. 

When the memories keep coming back repeatedly, we tend to start thinking about our decision whether it was right or wrong. However, below are some reasons to answer your question, “why do I keep thinking about my ex”? 

Why do i still think about my ex..

1. You’re Bored

The fundamental reason for you thinking about your ex is maybe you’re bored. If you have nothing to do, your mind will recall all the memories of the past. Thinking about your ex once in a while is not a problem; the real problem is when you keep thinking about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. It will stop you from moving on, and you will never feel less pain. 

So, it’s better to keep yourself busy with things you love to do the most. 

2. Unfinished Business

Did you say your heart out while you guys were parting your ways? Sometimes, you keep thinking about your ex-partner when you didn’t say enough while saying your last goodbyes. 

It’s possible that deep down in your heart, you still have something that’s teasing you constantly. As a result, you’re thinking about your ex more frequently. 

3. You are grieving

Your life will be miserable when a person you loved for a very long time is not with you. You will feel that you’re missing the person, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes, you may miss the presence of your ex in your life or their company. 

They had a special place in your life, and now that place is empty, and that’s very sad. You’re grieving about the absence of someone you loved; that’s why you keep thinking about them. 

4. It Was your First Relationship

While being in a relationship, your partner becomes an essential part of your life. Usually, first relationships create a logic about how a relationship should be. Your first experiences make your mind whether; it is about good or bad. You tend to compare your next relationship with your last. 

Mostly, first relationships are not easy to forget; that’s why you’re still missing your ex and keep thinking about them more often.

I think About My Ex, But They Do Not – Will They Come Back? 

Do not forget the real reason behind the breakup. If your ex wants you back, they will make an effort for it. No one can give you surety if your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend will come back or not. Everyone has a different situation to go through. Your scenario can describe the best if they will come back or not.

However, you can figure out by yourself if they want to be back in your life or not. Some signs that tell you they may want to be back.

If you feel they are trying to make an effort, maybe they want to come back, but they may never get back with you if they’re not trying. 

How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex?  

When you keep thinking about your ex, it will disturb you mentally and emotionally. Sometimes, it’s not a significant issue to think about your ex and miss their absence. But, to keep thinking about them and not doing anything else is a problem. You should get rid of your habit. Luckily, you’re not on your own, as we’re here to give you some tips about it. Spend some time with your family and close friends.

  • Cut yourself out from social media.
  • Go to the gym, & do exercise. Work on yourself.
  • Help yourself to accept what is happening 
  • The no contact rule is the best solution in these situations. 
  • Stay positive, do not allow any negative thoughts to come near you. 
  • Remove anything that reminds you of your ex-partner, like pictures or any gifts. 

Should I Forget About my Ex? 

When you’ve invested your love, care, and time in your relationship, but it goes all in vain, and you’re not with your loved one, then you should consider forgetting about your past life. 

If your relationship was happy, then we can understand that it’s difficult to forget. But, if your relationship was toxic, then you must forget about your ex immediately. 

You have to make a decision, because your past life will haunt you, and you will hurt yourself and your current partner (if you’re with someone right now).

If you do not forget about your ex, you may end up with the following situations: 

Negative thoughts – Keep thinking about your ex can have a negative impact on your life because you won’t be able to concentrate on your present life. Negativity will ruin your present and future. 

Not concentrating – You will face trouble being focused as their memories and thoughts keep coming back and do not allow you to focus on your work or studies; you need to forget them. It will ruin your career. 

Affects your personality – One thing that affects your mind will not allow you to do anything and not stay happy. 

Fear of Getting in a Relationship again – If you do not forget your ex, you will not start your new life out of fear. So, you should try to forget about your ex and start the latest chapter of your life. 

We’ve mentioned some of the effective ways to forget about your ex above in this article. 

What Can I Do If I Think About My Ex More Often?

To heal yourself, you need to go through being sad, regretful, painful, angry, or just grief and the most important is to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself means not to blame yourself for everything wrong that happened in your life.

You should groom yourself or try to be a better person in the process of making yourself distracted from your ex. You have the opportunity to work on yourself or work for yourself. This is when you need to decide what you want for yourself in your life, be stuck in the past, or do good for yourself.

Mostly we are the ones who are the facilitator of the sad feeling we are going through, as we keep thinking and reminding ourselves about our past.

Is It Normal to Think About My Ex?

A Breakup leaves you broken, and is it very normal to take some time to get back to your everyday life and forget them.

You feel it is easy to forget someone and start a new and happy life. No, it is not as easy as most people think. 

Keep thinking about your ex or missing your ex is normal, and you don’t have to pressurize yourself with it. Do not be stressed about why you keep thinking about your ex every day. After a fresh breakup, it is as normal as it could be to miss them. 

You need to work on yourself and make yourself better. Everything is going to be OK. 

Why Do I Still Think About My Ex When I Have Someone New?

Keep thinking about your ex should not be taken literally. As a human, if you keep thinking about your ex, it does not always mean that you still love them or you want them in your life. Here, you need to know that if you miss your ex, that doesn’t mean you want them back in your life. 

Maybe you are just missing your ex because there is something that your ex used to do, and now in your present relationship, your partner is not doing it, so you start missing or thinking about your ex. 

Do not feel guilty or bad about missing about your ex. Most of the time, we compare our new relationship to a new relationship. It is your responsibility to think positively when you are making comparisons. 


After quite some time of the breakup, it is normal to miss or think about your ex. That also makes you question why I still think about my ex when I have decided not to go back. Thinking about your ex makes you frustrated and annoyed if you do not want to. 

Keep missing your ex because you are just bored or have nothing to do at this point. You should stay busy in your life and get yourself a job. Visiting your friends or family may help you forget them if you’re not healed or ready to start a balanced life.

Being in a new relationship and still thinking about your ex is a human habit. You may miss someone just because of something related to them. Do not feel or interpret that you want them back. To think about your ex or anything related to your ex is normal; you don’t feel stressed.

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