Why Hasn't My Ex Tried To Contact Me

Why Hasn’t My Ex Tried To Contact Me? Things To Do If You Want Them To Contact You!

Questions like Why hasn’t my ex tried to contact me, or why doesn’t ex contact me after a breakup are the most frequently asked. People around the globe ask such questions through the internet. These are the questions everyone in this world asks at least once in a lifetime.

Most people realize their love for their partner when they become an ex. You may not feel bad right after the breakup happens; however, you recognize the pain later. The moment you come to your senses after a breakup, you start feeling regretful.

If you have also fallen into an everlasting abyss of unhappiness and over-thinking after your breakup, you are most welcome here. In the case where your ex didn’t contact you, and it troubles you, this is the right place for you.

In this article, you will get to know about the reasons why your ex didn’t contact you. You are humbly requested to take some of your precious time and read the whole article. You will; definitely, be delighted by the information we have gathered for you.

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Why Hasn’t My Ex Tried to Contact Me After a Breakup? (12 Reasons)

Why Hasn't My Ex Tried To Contact Me

If you are here, you may be experiencing some strain from the breakdown of your relationship. Moreover, your ex has the ability to make you feel guilty for the mistake you haven’t even made. When your ex makes you feel remorseful about how you made them feel, their true colors come in front of you.

You’ve probably never witnessed anything as emotionless and cold-hearted as their reaction in your whole life. Another reason your ex didn’t contact you after you guys broke up maybe the hatred and selfishness they possess.

Remember that you are worthy enough for your ex or even someone better. You are not unworthy of anyone in this world. If you think like this, you are doing a great deal of injustice with yourself.

There may be many reasons why your ex doesn’t contact you. As every person is different, the reason for their no contact won’t be the same either. To understand your ex’s behavior better, we advise you to go through the reasons given below.

1. Your Ex Did’nt Tried to Contact You Because They’re Stubborn

After knowing many obvious and foolish reasons why your ex refuses to contact you, stubbornness might not shock you either. Your ex might not contact you because of the same reason. Your ex may be tenacious, and their ego doesn’t allow them to contact you.

Stubborn people don’t reach out to their exes; instead, they want their ex to come after them. An ex’s stubbornness doesn’t let them show their true feelings. They will never confess their love for you, even when they do have feelings for you.

In such situations, you should take hold and decide for both parties. Choose wisely and say the final word after much consideration. Don’t make your decision in any rush.

2. They’re Using No Contact Rule

After a breakup, most people go into the no-contact phase to heal them from the trauma. Your ex may also have gone to this phase after the separation. If your ex didn’t contact you after breaking up with you, there might be a chance they are in the no-contact phase.

When ex doesn’t contact you, one of the many reasons is they are experiencing the no-contact rule. Your ex is distancing and trying to get back to their routine. The no-contact rule takes your mind off unnecessary thoughts and hinders the growth of negativity in you.

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3. Your Ex Did’nt Tried to Contact You Because They’re Angry at You

The tendency to blame the other party in a breakup is a natural human reaction. It mostly happens when there has been a breakdown in a relationship. An ex may not contact you at all after putting all the blame on you.

The couples who were the most romantic while in a relationship play the blame game more often. They do this out of pure anger. Your ex might’ve taken the breakup to their heart and felt it as their insult. That may be the reason behind their ignoring. The ex might lose their mind to the extent where they terminate contact with you. 

Most people tend to vent out their anger on their ex after the breakup. They say things that they don’t mean and hurt the other person very badly. In such scenarios, exes do anything to avoid you; either it’s blocking you from all social media platforms or stop the contact. 

There are times when your ex still loves you but doesn’t show their true feelings because of the anger they have for you. In this situation, the angry person should let go and try to reconcile adequately.

4. If They Dumped you, They’re Feeling Guilty

Perhaps your ex feels guilty for hurting you, which explains why your ex hasn’t tried to contact you. Your ex would keep a low profile if they were the ones who were abusive and did wrong while in a relationship. An ex may not contact you to avoid any problem that might arise from reaching out to you.

When your ex is guilty and doesn’t know how to make it up to you, they stay quiet and do nothing. Some people try to lessen the burden of guilt from their ex’s shoulders by saying, I’ve forgiven you. It is unacceptable for you to behave this way if your ex isn’t ashamed of what they’ve done.

The person who does wrong should know their mistakes and wish to get forgiveness from the wronged person. They should be sorry for the damage they have caused in that person’s life. No matter how evil, bitter, ruthless, prideful, or stubborn a person is, they should be sorry. 

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5. They Don’t Want you In Their Future

Although there are many reasons why your ex did not attempt to contact you, one stands out from the rest. That is that your ex didn’t want to contact you. Your ex is over you, and they don’t want their past to disturb their present and future.

You became an ex for a reason. Your ex may not be satisfied with your presence; that is why you guys broke up. Your ex would’ve reached out to you themselves if they wanted to make you part of their present and future. You are your ex’s past, and your ex didn’t contact you to keep it that way.

6. Your Ex Wants to be Alone

Your nature of being insecure all the time and over-possessive made your ex feel prisoned. Your ex broke up with you because you didn’t meet the requirements they expected you to meet. They initiated the breakup and left you all alone because of your mistakes.

One of the many reasons your ex doesn’t contact you is they want to stay alone. The current life of your ex is perfect; they don’t want any nuisance in their peaceful life. Your ex chose not to contact you after breaking up with you to avoid additional annoyance in their life.

If the scenario mentioned above doesn’t apply to your situation, your ex may not contact you because of shyness. Your ex might be conservative and may not feel right to approach you after you guys broke up.

Why Hasn't My Ex Tried To Contact Me

7. They Couldn’t Find a Reason to Contact You

After experiencing a breakup, many couples cut ties with each other for good and never contact each other again. However, there might be a situation where you want to get your ex back. You might miss your ex but don’t have any reason to contact them.

Maybe your ex misses you and wants to talk to you. However, your ex doesn’t do it because they can’t think of any practical reason to contact you. The ex, who didn’t contact you, might be entangled in this misery.

8. Maybe Your Ex is Confused

People don’t focus on others’ feelings and personal uncertainties when wondering why my ex hasn’t tried to contact me. Your ex might not contact you because of their doubt regarding you. Maybe your ex is confused about whether they should move on or get back together with you.

During this time, you envision them happy and satisfied in their lives. You make up your mind that your ex doesn’t contact you because they don’t miss you anymore. You might be correct, but what if you are wrong? What if your ex still has feelings for you? However, your ex is uncertain about the future you guys hold together.

It doesn’t mean your ex is indifferent because they don’t complain to their mutual friends about you. If your ex doesn’t put sad statuses on social media, it doesn’t mean they are happy after the breakup. Despite their happy face, they might be miserable in reality. It will help if you try putting your feet into their shoes.

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9. They Don’t Love You Anymore

We have finally arrived at the part of the story most will refrain from hearing. You’d rather not hear this too.  When we love someone, we always hope that the person we love has the same feelings. Hope is integral to our being human, and being human, you hope so too.

You have high hopes of your ex coming back to you from the moment your breakup happened. Even so, your feelings towards your ex haven’t changed in the slightest. You would be devastated to see the person who once loved you to the moon and back doesn’t give a damn about anything now.

Once you are forcefully placed in a position to live without your loved one, you realize just how important they are to you. You’re hurt and go through every scenario except the one in which your ex is no longer in love with you.

10. Your Ex is Seeing Someone Else

Your breakup with your ex would have been happened due to some reasons. Your ex and you are not compatible; that is what your ex thinks. The reason why you broke up with your ex lies in some unresolved issues.

The reason behind your breakup maybe your ex found happiness in someone else. Maybe your ex cheated on you with some other person and left you for that particular person. Regardless of everything, one thing is sure: most dumped people eventually see their ex dating someone else.

Most dumped people get severely hurt every time they learn about their ex cheated on them. The more painful thing is that the person they thought was the “love of their life” was someone else’s. First, the dumpee is already heartbroken, and seeing their ex happy makes them feel more miserable.

Even though you may not yet be out of the depression stage, the dumper often gets involved with someone else. Your ex continues to post about the new relationship constantly. It is a legitimate nightmare for the dumpees.

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11. Your Ex Did’nt Tried to Contact You Because They’re Trying to Move On

Sometimes ex doesn’t contact you because they are experiencing the no-contact rule. Your ex may try to avoid you because they are trying hard to forget the past. To let go of the past and move on with your life is not at all an easy task to do.  Your ex experiencing the no-contact rule becomes a more potent and emotionally stable person than before.

12. Your Ex Wants You to Contact Them First

Being self-centered doesn’t mean you are toxic; however, being selfish is toxic. Your perspective might be completely different from the world around you. Thus, it becomes difficult for you to comprehend how someone could be against you. But it doesn’t mean you are always right.

After breaking up with your ex-partner, wouldn’t you expect a text from your ex? Can’t your ex think the same way as you do? Your ex doesn’t contact you first because they wait for you to reach out to them first.

Older people say ego makes you lose everything you hold dear. If you genuinely want your ex to contact you, you should act cautiously. Put aside your ego and get in contact with your ex. You may reach out to your ex if they haven’t communicated with you for quite a while.

Why Hasn't My Ex Tried To Contact Me

10 Things You Should do That Will Make Your Ex Contact You

You still feel passionately and romantically attached to your ex but don’t know how to approach your ex. As a former couple, you know your ex very well, and your past relationship provides you with some significant insights. It is clear to you what bothers them and what makes them happy.

Now that you’ve gotten the answer to the question, why hasn’t my ex tried to contact me? You should focus on things you should do to make your ex notice and contact you. It would be best to keep the points mentioned below in mind while dealing with the ex who hasn’t called you after the breakup.

Do not contact them, and restrain yourself temporarily from reaching out to them. Put your blasted rationality to the test instead. Gather your reasoned mind and your emotions together. Try to get a hold of your miserable existence and think about how to make your ex contact you.

We have discussed ten magical points which will make your ex contact you for sure. Read these points thoroughly so that you can analyze and read your love-life situation better.

1. Analyze Your Relationship – Do you want Them Back?

It’s been a couple of months since you haven’t been in contact with your ex, and your ex hasn’t tried to contact you either. It is the time when you don’t feel so passionate about everything that has transpired. At least, that’s how it should be.

During this period of no contact, you had the chance to observe your bond from a distance without feeling obligated to speak to them. The love you feel for them no longer blinds you, and you can notice the relationship you have with your ex unbiasedly.

Now that you are free from your unconditional love for your ex, you should ask yourself whether you want them back or not? Analyze your situation and the bond you guys share and decide accordingly.

2. Don’t Overchase Your Ex

If you want your ex to contact you and come back to you, give them some personal space. Don’t invade into someone’s personal space. You should avoid tailing behind your ex all the time. If you go everywhere your ex goes, it will only push your ex away.

Overchasing your ex is not a wise idea rather, it would be the biggest mistake one can make.

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3. Try to Focus on Something Else

Give time to yourself. Try to keep yourself busy in productive activities. While you were in a relationship, you didn’t get time to do things you loved, now is the time to fulfill all of your wishes. Focus on your dreams, desires, and goals.

You can take this time as a vacation too, go on a trip with your friends or alone if you want to. Make sure to rest and meditate to keep your mental and physical health on point.

4. Groom Yourself

Your no-contact period shouldn’t only exist to make your ex long for you. Instead, it would be best if you use it as a chance to groom yourself. It is not healthy to sit idle and wait for things to get better on their own. Nothing changes unless you make efforts for it. It is useless to wait for things to return to their old ways while you do nothing.

While your ex doesn’t contact you and you are also in a no-contact period, use this time wisely. Groom yourself in every possible way you can think of during this time. The new version of yourself will surely attract your ex.

People do feel the vibe we emit; make sure to give off positive vibes all the time. Make sure to make full use of the no-contact period. Groom yourself and be at your best behavior all the time after the no-contact rule. If your ex is single, they will definitely approach you.

5. Don’t Be Easily Available

During the duration of regaining your self-esteem, you will know why you should not be too available to your ex. It is human nature to lose interest in things or people they have easy access to. People stop being interested in someone the minute they see they can have you whenever they want.

It is best to wait for your ex to contact you first if you were always available whenever they needed you. Sometimes to make the other person know your worth, it is best to make them wait and long for you. If you don’t do this and be available every time, you will lose your worth in their eyes. 

Your ex knows you won’t ever leave them alone and be at their beck and call every time they need you. Well, this is the exact reason you should avoid or ignore your ex. By doing so, you will regain your dignity, which you lost while being available for your ex all the time.

6. Use the Power of Social Media

You can use social media as your weapon if your ex doesn’t contact you for a while after a breakup. Social media holds a significant place when it comes to relationships. Social media is the only thing that doesn’t lose its value even after breaking up; it stays useful before and after the breakup.

I don’t believe in unfriending or unfollowing your ex if you still want them in your life. You need to be very careful while playing your cards. If you play your cards right only, then you will be able to turn the tables. There are tons of options; you can make your ex jealous; you can make them curious about your life. 

You should never upload sad or depressing posts if you want your ex to contact you. By uploading tragic and heartbroken posts on your social media, you give desperate vibes to your ex.

Why Hasn't My Ex Tried To Contact Me

7. You Should also Use No-Contact Rule

You have to know that the no-contact rule doesn’t give you instantaneous results. No contact for only a couple of days will not make any difference. It takes several months or at least two to three weeks to see any changes.

Things do not work out that way with your ex when the very next day after your breakup, you would like to hear from them. It’s hard to say goodbye, but you have to let time take its course. Make sure your ex misses you and lives a life without you.

Even if this endeavor doesn’t yield the results you wanted, you have my word this period will heal you completely. Despite initial misgivings, you will soon realize that you succeeded in surviving without them despite all the hardships.

If your ex doesn’t contact you for a while, it would be best to observe the situation first. Whatever you decide, you will notice this break was good for your personal growth. In this break, you will discover if you are better off without your ex or made for each other.

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8. Zeigarnik Effect

A psychological phenomenon is known as the Zeigarnik effect, in which people tend to remember the interrupted or incomplete tasks or events with greater ease than completed tasks. In accordance with the Zeigarnik effect, every person is prone to remember incomplete errands and happenings more readily than the complete ones.

You must be thinking about what does the Zeigarnik effect has to do with my ex who didn’t contact me. The answer to this question is that you can effortlessly get your ex back by adopting this technique.

How can I get my ex back by Zeigarnik effect; you must be wondering. You adapt this technique to make your ex curious about your life. Once your ex is curious, they will get interested in knowing what is going on in your life. Your ex will try to reach out to you on their own.

Your ex will definitely be curious if you leave them hanging while having a serious conversation. Next time you won’t be the one who initiated the conversation; instead, it would be your ex. In this way, you can make your ex get interested in your life again.

9. Give Your Ex Some time to Think

If your ex didn’t contact you after the breakup, you shouldn’t rush them to reply to you. It would be best if you give your ex some time. Breaking up doesn’t always mean you have parted your ways for good. But, sometimes, in reality, it is a little break to sort things out. 

You are a real person, not a fairytale character whose love life must have a happy ending. This is a real-world; your life isn’t a fairytale. It isn’t wrong in any sense if your ex requires some time to make a final call. Instead, it shows your ex is a sensible person who thinks before doing anything.

You may know where you stand emotionally, but your ex may not be on the same page as you are. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like you anymore. It simply means they need time to sort their feelings and come to the final decision. They don’t want to rush things and make the same mistakes as before.

10. Make the First Move & Contact Your Ex

While wondering, “Why hasn’t my ex tried to contact me?” the last thing you want to do is to be the one who contacts them. However, sometimes, you can’t avoid it. The only option you have now is to reach out to your ex first. 

If it has been several months, and your ex is nowhere to be found, you should contact them first. Reaching out to your ex in such scenarios is never pathetic. Instead, it is a wise decision to make. Reaching out to your ex first sometimes opens a gate of clarity for you.

You get a clear idea of your ex’s feelings for you. If your ex texts you back after your message, you guys may get back together. However, if your ex doesn’t contact you back, you get the idea that they are not interested in you. In either case, you are in a win-win situation because you are sure of your ex’s feelings.

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Getting your ex back is not a cup of tea, and you cant do it by just snapping your fingers. It requires time, determination, and continuous effort. We can’t say there is a magic stick; once you swirl it into the air, your ex will contact you and return to you.
There are many reasons why your ex doesn’t contact you. Your ex may be mad at you for breaking up with them, or they may have moved on and found someone else. Maybe the guilt of leaving you doesn’t allow your ex to contact you. There could be any reason.

If you want your ex back, all you have to do is figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. Figure out which of the reasons mentioned above describe your ex’s situation better, and act accordingly. Don’t rush things, don’t think on your own, and create more problems. Be patient and be consistent in whatever you decide to do.


How long does it take for an ex to contact you?

There is not an exact answer to this question. The time your ex takes to contact you depends on your ex. Your ex is the one who decides when to contact you. This duration may start from several weeks and exceed up to several months also.

How long can my ex go without talking to me?

Your ex may not contact you for months after separation if they are happy with their current life. If the breakup was an ugly one, they might never contact you. However, your ex may contact you after several weeks if the separation was not intentional rather consequential.

How do you know if your ex is not over you?

You would know for sure that your ex is still in love with you if they still approach you. When your ex isn’t over you, they do anything in their capacity to get you back. Your ex may contact you on their own and confess their love for you.

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