Do Exes Always Come Back? 6 Crucial Factors!

One of the most popular and frequently asked questions from most teenagers is; do exes come back after a breakup? Some peers also ask how to get their exes back or know if their ex still loves them? Etc. Questions like these are very frequently asked through the internet.

One of the best ways to satisfy all the audience I have come up with the idea of writing a whole article on such frequently asked questions. This article will solely be dedicated to the question “Do Exes Always Come Back?”

If you are curious about knowing if your ex ever comes back to you willingly or not, you are very sensible to visit this page. To fully understand the situation, it is recommended for you to read this article thoroughly. You will be able to analyze your situation and know what is best for you.



  • “Do Exes Always Come Back?” is an article dedicated to exploring whether exes tend to return after a breakup.
  • The article discusses factors that influence the likelihood of an ex coming back, such as the nature of the breakup and the presence of a new partner.
  • It emphasizes the importance of the quality of the previous relationship and the behavior exhibited after the breakup.
  • The article highlights the significance of the ex’s family’s perception and the connection shared with the ex in determining the chances of a reunion.
  • It also covers reasons why exes may come back, including missing the love and attention received in the past or feeling jealous seeing their ex happy with someone else.

Do Exes Always Come Back?

Everyone experiences a breakup at least once in a lifetime, but everyone has a different experience. A couple decides to quit being together when they find it tiring and difficult to hold on anymore. In such situations, it is very sensible to breakup. In such cases, the ex doesn’t come back, and they shouldn’t either.

Not everyone experiences the same type of breakup, and neither does everyone break up for one reason. Some breakups happen due to circumstances, due to some crisis. Such breakups are tough to deal with as they occur without a will due to unfavorable conditions. Such separations usually have a reunion after some time; when the situation gets better.

So, it is not always the case that your ex will come back to you after you guys break up. There are some scenarios in which exes always come back, and in other situations, they don’t. It just depends on the fact why and how you guys broke up. Who initiated and why? There are some points you can ponder on to know whether your ex will come back or not.

Do Exes Always Come Back

1. Nature of Your Breakup:

Whether your ex comes back or not depends on the nature of your breakup you guys experienced. The nature of your separation means how did you guys break up and why? This HOW and WHY here will define the nature of your breakup.

Why did you guys break up in the first place? It is the first thing to know to have a hunch about your ex ever coming back. If anyone of you cheated or abused, then it is a BIG FAT NO. However, if circumstances weren’t in your favor, then it is an entirely different story. Maybe you guys can reconcile in such a situation.

2. Is Your Ex Seeing Someone?

For some people, breaking up means cutting off ties for good, and they don’t hesitate to do so. Once they break up, they move on and start a new relationship. If you experience the same scenario where your ex has already moved on and started with someone else, you should do the same. In such scenarios, it is useless to wait for them.

In other cases, if your ex isn’t seeing anyone, you can get your hopes high. Your exes always come back when they experience the same moving-on difficulty. When your ex is still single and hasn’t moved on, then it is a green signal. It is an 80% possibility of your ex’s come back in your life in such situations.

3. Your Life with Your Ex Before the Breakup:

To know whether you still have a chance with your ex or will your ex ever come back depends on your relationship with them. Was the life you both were living gave happiness to you both, or was it about compromises only? If it was all about compromises, then your ex won’t ever want to come back.

However, if most of the time you guys spent together was right, then your ex will come back to you for sure. The happy time and memorable moments spent with you will lure your ex towards you. The vibe of happiness may seem less attractive at first, but once it is tasted, one can’t just get rid of it and would want even more.

4. Your Acts After the Breakup:

Will your ex come back also depends on your post-break-up behavior too. If you continue to stay as before with your ex, it might create tension between you guys. It may offend your ex and make a big wall between you both that you won’t ever be able to break.

So, if you want your ex to come back, you shouldn’t stay too close to them and shouldn’t be clingy. This is the worst thing one can ever feel. People get suffocated around clingy people. You should avoid it at any cost.

If you stay within your limits and don’t cross them, the result may come in your favor. Exes always come back when they see their ex-partner has matured and has become more sensible. It isn’t necessary only when you want your ex back. Instead, you should adopt good qualities for grooming yourself too.

5. Ex’s Family Thoughts About You:

The most essential and authoritative factor of being together with someone is their parents’ impression of you. It is the most crucial thing in building a relationship with anyone new or even with your ex. If your ex’s parents were also happy with you, it is very easy to get back together. Your ex will always come back to you once the storm is over.

In other scenarios where everything is going well, both of you want to get back together, but your ex’s parents become the hurdle. If your ex’s parents aren’t satisfied with your presence in their child’s life, then it is a dead-end for your relationship. It usually happens when your ex is financially dependent on their family.

6.  Your Connection with Your Ex:

The connection which bound you and your ex together is one of the critical factors that determine whether your ex will come back or not. If that connection was productive and positive, then the probability of your ex coming back is high.

On the contrary, that connection had hindered the individual growth of you both; then you guys should stay apart. Your breakup happened for the best. Be patient and give your best; you will be rewarded with the best soon.

Why Do Exes Always Come Back?

Sometimes people get attracted to others and get closer even though they are already in a relationship. There isn’t anything wrong with getting attracted to someone else as long as you stay sincere to your partner. Things get off the track when you go beyond your limits with someone else. This isn’t ethically right to get close to someone else when you already are in a relationship.

Exes always come back to you after a breakup when things don’t go their way. They feel wronged when things don’t go the way they predicted them to. None of their relationships could go further. These are some of the most common reasons why exes come back to you.

They crave the love, care, and attention you gave to them while in a relationship. None of their relationships are as pure as with you was. That is why they crave for you and feel your absence so severely now.

The other reason maybe they don’t feel right seeing you happy with someone else, and they feel jealous. When they see a happy and contented side of yours, they assume they weren’t worthy enough to make you happy. This thought agitates them, and they do anything to create disturbance in your balanced life. 

There are times when your exes come back only for your good. The return of these exes is right for you too. Sometimes your ex misses you so much and wants to amend their mistakes and makeup to you. You should get back to your ex but after through consideration, not in haste in such situations.


Things to do When Your Ex Comes Back 

Life is too short to waste on things and people who aren’t worthy enough. Instead, you should enjoy your life with people who genuinely love you and know how to keep cherishing you. Sometimes in life, we face horrible situations; an unwilling breakup is one of them.

However, since you guys broke up once but somehow managed to get back together, it isn’t always easy. To get excited about it is undoubtedly a good thing but try not to indulge yourself in this happiness. You shouldn’t always be daydreaming about getting together with your ex. Instead, you should ask some questions yourself first.

  • Why is your ex suddenly back?
  • Is everything okay with them?
  • Does their recent partner dump them?
  • Is your ex is here for you?
  • If they are back for my sake, won’t they leave me again?
  • Why would I let them in again?
  • Is this relation worthy of your time and efforts?

Asking these questions from yourself and your ex will help you analyze the situation even better. You would get a clear idea about where this relationship will be going in the future if this relationship is worthy enough for you to spend your effort on.

When You Don’t Want Them to Come Back

When you get over your past relationship and finally start to get regular, your ex shows up from nowhere. Your ex shows up when you are least interested in seeing them and having no interest left in them.

You should try everything possible to move on as soon as your breakup happens. You should get on to your feet and be healthy before your ex reappears in your life and disturbs your life. If you have made up your mind, you don’t want your ex to come back to your life, be persistent then. You should stick to your ground firmly, and nothing should influence you to change your decision.

If your ex comes back to you and somehow you two reconcile, you should make some rules and should strictly abide by them.  You shouldn’t repeat the same mistake, neither should you allow your ex to become dominating like before. You should talk about the boundaries and things before getting into a relationship to avoid unpleasant situations.

Since you didn’t want it, but still you got together because of your ex, you should dominate this relation. You should make everything clear from the very start and show no leniency towards any mistake. You should take control of the relationship but do not overdo it. Don’t make your ex suffer more than they deserve.

When You Want Them to Come Back To Your Life

In the case you want to get back together with your ex, you should be very careful and very sure about it. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity left as it is your future you are deciding for. 

You should act maturely and should be very understanding in every matter. You shouldn’t repeat your mistakes, and neither should you allow your ex to repeat theirs. If you want this relationship to work out, you should both be very serious and equally compromise.

It shouldn’t be dominating and submissive kind of relationship. Personal growth shouldn’t be hindered, which isn’t the case in the mentioned relationship. Not invading into a partner’s personal space is the key to a happy relationship. Your connection should be like this, and it should allow you to grow individually too. 

Do Exes Always Come Back


Whether your ex comes back or not depends on some factors which you have to be aware of. Exes always come back to you after break up is not the scenario all the time. The nature of your relationship before breaking up, the breakup scenario, and the post behavior define your ex’s return.

There may be times when you never hear from your ex for your lifetime. You may never see them again. If your ex doesn’t show any interest and vanishes in thin air, as soon as you guys break up, it means they’ll never come back. Neither are they interested in returning.

In some cases, exes do return but with ill intentions like fulfilling their desires, which others cannot fulfill. Sometimes they return with good intentions too. They miss being with you and feel happy with you.

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