20+ Signs He Will Never Come Back And He’s Gone!

There are several reasons for your breakup with your ex; maybe you both were not ready for a serious relationship or didn’t truly love each other. Whatever the reason is, sometimes there are chances that your ex-boyfriend may come back after a breakup, while sometimes he never comes back. But how to know either he will come back or not? Well, we are going to tell you about some signs he will never come back.

Reading these signs will help you to have an idea if your ex wants to come back. So, be with us to read about all these signs so you can make a better decision and move on.


  • Ex-boyfriend behaves rudely, ignores messages, and shows disinterest.
  • He returns all your things and wants to be friends instead of a romantic relationship.
  • He avoids spending time with you and chooses to be with other people.
  • He cuts off contact with mutual friends and blocks you on social media.
  • He shows no signs of jealousy or effort to get you back.

Signs He Will Never Come Back to You After a Breakup

These are the signs that are indeed a hint that your ex will not come back, and you need to stop thinking about him. There are a lot of signs that will help you to clear out your doubts.

1. Is He Behaving Rudely?

Notice his behavior and the way he is talking to you. Have you noticed any change? Is your ex rudely talking to you?  He will either ignore your messages or will reply rudely.

You may have been trying to call him or have invited him to hang out with you, but you have not got a positive response from him. So this is a clear sign that he is bored of you or does not want to talk to you.

signs he will never come back

2. He Has Returned Your Things:

One of the signs your ex will never come back is that he has returned all your things to you. This is a clear indication because if you both love each other, you will keep each other’s thing to hold as memories.

Partners often find an excuse to return each other’s things just so that they can see each other. Therefore, partners keep each other’s valuables to have this excuse. But if he has returned all your things, this means that he is done with you.

It is essential to consider how he has returned these things to you. If he has politely returned the stuff to you or has asked you to pick up your items, then he is completely done with you.

3. He Wants to Be with You But as a Friend:

Has he asked you to be his friend? Well, this can be a little tricky to know. Sometimes he may ask you to be his friend because he wants to get back in a relationship with you. But sometimes, he may ask you for friendship because he does not want to be in a relationship anymore.

Therefore, you need to carefully observe him either he is treating you just as a friend or he is trying to be in relation again.

If he still cares for you and tries to touch you physically, he is interested in clearing things out. But, if he’s not showing any of these signs, he doesn’t want to be more than friends

4. He Doesn’t Want to Spend his Time with You:

If your ex has a lack of interest in you, he will not spend time with you. This is one of the clear signs you will never get back together. He does not want to spend time with you either because he still has not been able to get over the pain or has no more feelings.

Seeing your ex is painful most of the time; therefore, you should move on. Some people hope that their ex is ignoring them because they are afraid of what will happen if you both see each other.

5. He Chooses Other People Over You:

If your ex is giving others preferences over you, it’s a clear indication that you are no more special for him. He is spending time with others, and he does not agree to hang out with you.

If your ex is consistently ignoring you or giving preferences to other people, then it is a clear sign that your ex will never come back. You are no more an essential part of his life, and you cannot expect to have a romantic relationship with him again.

6. You Can’t Find Him at Places Where You Used to Hang Out:

Have your ex cut off all ways of having contact with you? If so, it is one of the clear signs your ex will never come back. Not only that he has stopped communicating with you, but you are also not seeing each other anymore.

You have not got a positive response from him. Moreover, if you have tried to see him at places you both used to hang out, you will not see him. It means that he has stopped visiting those places anymore, and there is no chance of seeing him anymore.

signs he will never come back

7. Is he getting married?

If your ex is getting married, then why are you expecting anything from him? If he is getting married, he has chosen someone and has decided to move on in his life.

Therefore, it is time for you now to make a decision and move on from your boyfriend. You can find someone better than him or try to hang out with your friends so you can make yourself busy and forget him.

8. He is Not in Contact with Mutual Friends:

If your ex is not in contact with your mutual friends, he is trying to cut off with you completely. It is because if he stays in touch with the mutual friends you both have, there is a chance that you may see each other again.

You may get a chance to see him at parties or hang out with your friends. But if he is not with your friends, it means that he is avoiding you and doesn’t want to have any contact with you.

This is also because he does not want to answer the questions of different people about your breakup. Also, he avoids the people who know both of you because he does not want to get in an awkward situation.

9. He Cheated on You, but He Feels No Guilt:

One of the signs your ex will never get back together is that he has cheated on you, and also, he is not guilty of his mistake. From this thing, it is clear that he was already planning to have a breakup with you.

He may accept it as well that he has cheated on you. It also means that he has no feelings for you and does not even care about you. If this is the case, then it is better to move on in your life.

10. He is Not Jealous, If You’re with Someone:

The people who love each other are also possessive and does not want their partner to have relations with someone. Also, they will not let their partner hang out with a random guy.

However, if he is comfortable seeing you with someone other and does not feel jealousy, it means that he is not possessive. Or maybe he does not love you anymore; that is why he is comfortable with it.

11. He is Not Trying to Put Effort to Get You Back:

Effort in any relationship matters the most. If any of the partners is not showing interest in relation and is not making any effort, he does not want to continue the relationship and is over with it.

Moreover, if your ex truly loved you, he will try to get you back even after a breakup. But if he has not even tried to contact you or made any effort, it means that he was not sincere with you or had no such feelings either.

12. Did You Cheat on Him?

Cheating is something that no one will ever bear in a relationship. If any of the partners has cheated on the other, the relationship results in a breakup. So if you have cheated on your partner, it is clear that he will not come back in a relationship.

signs he will never come back


13. He Asks You to Move On:

A partner who wants to get back in relation with you will never ask you to move on in your life. He may consistently try to tell you that there is no way you both can get back in a relationship.

He may tell you that he does not want to see you in pain anymore, so you should move on in your life. This is just his way of saying that he has moved on in his life, and so you should.

14. He Blocked You from Social Media:

Has your ex removed you from his social media accounts? After a breakup, you are already distant from each other, and eliminating all contacts creates further spaces between you and your ex-boyfriend.

Social media is one of the ways you can have a look at each other’s life. You get to know each other’s activities. Social media keeps you aware of the happenings in your partner’s life. So if he has stopped following you on social media accounts or has blocked you from there, it’s a clear sign that he will never come back. Also, it is time for you to move now.

15. He is Not in Touch with You:

Being in contact with each other is one of the most important things. It is one of the things that keep your relationship alive. So if your ex-boyfriend is not in contact with you after a breakup, it is one of the clear signs that he does not want to come back.

If he wanted to get back, he must have contacted you. Not being in contact with each other means that he is trying to forget you or move on in his life.

16. Is He Avoiding Eye Contact with You?

If your ex is not responding to any of your gestures, breaks eye contact, and seems nervous, it is one of the clear signs he will never come back. He may have been interested in another relationship, so he will not respond to you in any way.

You mustn’t ignore this sign just in the hope that he will come back. Instead, it is time to make yourself strong and accept the reality that he will not come back, and you should also move on.

17. I don’t Love You Anymore:

If your partner has told you that he does not love you anymore, you should understand that your relationship is now ended. A relationship is based on love only, so if your ex doesn’t love you anymore, it does not have feelings for you.

You should accept this reality rather than sticking to the same person. Give yourself some time and busy yourself with activities so that you can easily forget him and move on in his life.

18. Has He Stopped Mentioning You in His Social Media Posts?

Another vital sign he will never come back is that he stopped mentioning you in his posts. Moreover, he may not reply to your comment on his post.

You may feel bad, but you should be ready to accept the reality that he will never come back. You should also look for someone else or go out with your friends, find new activities to busy yourself.

signs he will never come back

19. He’s Not Sad After the Breakup:

 A healthy relationship always ends up in pain and hurt. If you had a strong bond, then leaving each other will never be easy. But what if your ex is not even sad about the breakup and he is still behaving normally?

It is a clear sign that the breakup has not affected him, and he is doing just average in his life. If he is not sad, he had no true feelings for you, and that’s why he is not sad about leaving you.

20. He is Seeing Somebody Else:

Is your partner seeing someone else? Well, it is a tricky sign, and you need to observe it. Either he has no more interest in you and has started seeing someone else, or he is just trying to forget you.

If your ex-boyfriend sees someone else and does not contact you, it means he is not coming back, and you should also move on.  

21. He Doesn’t Flirt with You:

One of the signs that your ex will never come back is that he will stop flirting with you. His body language will give you signs that he has no more feelings for you.

No matter how hard you try to look attractive to him but he will not respond to you. Moreover, he will also not respond to your flirty signals or anything you have mentioned about your relationship.

22. Has He Migrated to Other City?

A change of place and environment is one of the best ways to come out of a thing and change the mind. So if your ex has migrated to some other city, it means that he has no plan of coming back in a relationship.

If he wanted to come back, he must have stayed in the same place and have even tried to contact you. But if the situation is the opposite, then you should also think of moving on.

Why Do I Have a Feeling He Will Come Back?

Often we have a feeling that our ex will come back and everything will be normal again. The reason why we feel it is because deep inside, you want your ex back. If you have truly loved your partner, a breakup will not prove an easy thing for you.

The first feelings you will have about your relationship are hope, anxiety, expectation, and a mix of positive or negative emotions. No matter how worse the situation is, you will always expect a positive response from your partner.

If your ex has shown a slightly positive response, you will feel like he wants to come back and feel the same. These feelings sometimes turn into reality, but most of the time, these feelings can hurt you more.

For this reason, you must make yourself strong so that you have enough courage to deal with the new change. In this way, moving on will also is easier for you.

he is not going to come back


Breakups bring a lot of stress and pain to them. If you had a strong relationship with your ex, it would be challenging to leave him alone. But sometimes, it is better to accept reality as soon as possible. There are some signs he will never come back, and these have been mentioned above.

You can notice these signs in his behavior to clear all your doubts. If you are sure that your ex will not come back, it is better that you should also make your decision and move on in your life. Hanging on to the same person will provide no benefit to you.


What are the signs he will come back?

There are some situations when there is a possibility that you will come back in a relationship with your ex. There would be likely chances if you both had a strong relationship with each other. Your ex may give you a little hint that there is a chance you both will get back together.

Another meaningful sign is that you both are still in contact with each other after the break up and your ex still stalks you on social media. He will not return you the things you have left in his place so that he can get a chance to see them.

Moreover, he will still contact your friends and your family to keep a check on your life or to know if you are seeing someone. He will never miss any chance to touch you and will share his feelings with you.

He will try to show you that he is unhappy after leaving you. You need to notice several signs, and all your doubts will be cleared if he wants to come back.

Why do men come back months later?

There are a couple of reasons behind it. They may not have found someone during this time and now want to have you back in their life. They may not feel special being around someone else that you made them feel.

Another reason ex come back is that they could not forget you or have realized their mistake. So whatever the reason is, accepting them in your life again depends only on you. So carefully think about it whatever you are going to choose for yourself.

How long should I wait for him to come back?

There is no exact time to how long you should wait for your ex to come back. If you still want them back in your life, it means that you still have feelings for him and you still love him. But if your ex has not even tried to contact you, there is no need to wait for them anymore.

It merely means that they do not feel the same way you have feelings for them. Therefore, instead of waiting for them, you should move on in your life.

Will a guy come back after pulling away?

Pilling away and coming back in a relationship can occur for both men and women, and it happens for some natural reasons.  However, both genders behave differently, and their stress and emotions can be different, but it is natural for both.

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