17 Reasons Why Do Guys Like Single Mothers?

Male nature is mostly looking for a woman to be able to give something. And the more she’s capable of giving, the more he is interested in her. This might hint at why do guys like single mothers.

We have seen so many people going crazy about being able to date a successful single mom. We sat down one day to talk to men about it and gather opinions on why do they love single mamas.

Today, we are writing a guide on the topic and sharing reasons why do guys like single mothers. Let’s go!


  • Men are often attracted to single mothers because they see them as capable and responsible individuals who can balance work and family life.
  • Single mothers are not bothered by small messes and create a cozy home environment.
  • They tend to have less time for games and meaningless conversations, being straightforward in their communication.
  • Men find women with children attractive because it signifies their ability to produce quality offspring.
  • Single mothers are financially independent and stable, which makes them reliable partners. They also prioritize their home and create a sense of stability.

What Makes Single Moms So Special For Guys?

One of the consequences of single motherhood is responsibility. A single mother is also used to being responsible for someone else and she knows how to balance life by working and taking care of children at the same time. It means that if you are dating a single mother, you are not likely to be walked all over. This is one good reasons as to why do guys like single mothers.

single mothers are responsible and can balance work and home life.

Single mothers are used to all the daily mess around their house. They don’t sweat little things like children’s toys everywhere or mismatched dishes for breakfast. All these small details make her home actually a very cozy place to be in.

Single mothers usually have already another person to share her life with, namely their child. It is not likely that she comes home from work and starts nagging about everything she sees wrong in your behavior. She’s probably too tired for this kind of thing anyway.

There are studies which indicate that women who have children are more attractive to men than women without kids. Men are very interested in their own genetics. And if the woman has a child, it means that she already proved her ability to produce quality young ones.

Single mothers are usually not interested in playing games with men’s feelings. If she tells you something, it means that she really means this. She doesn’t have much time for useless talks or beating about the bush.

Single mothers usually have a steady job and they earn their own money. They do not depend on someone else for financial success and it makes them more independent as partners as well as financially stable.

The best thing is that if you decide to live with a single mother, her home will become your home too. She is used to having an established home and she will do everything for it not to change.

17 Reasons Guys Like Single Mothers

Enough with spilling random beans though. Let us now look in detail, 15 common reasons behind men liking single moms so often:

1. Single Mothers Are Often Not Easily Available

In their huge majority, single moms are used to being turned down by men after they have told them about having a child already. That’s how it goes – men get scared of such information and they back off. And they often do not even try to get to know them better just because of that.

Single mothers usually have a huge advantage over other women – even if she says no, most men will still try and ask her out again one more time. She has proven what kind of qualities and characteristics she has and it is almost always enough for the next invitation to appear.

2. Single Mothers Are Often Good At Dating

Most single moms are good for dating because they are used to relationships so much that it becomes an ingrained habit for them. They can be picky about choosing their soul mate but when they find someone who’s right, they don’t waste any time with him/her either. All this makes single mothers really fun to date around!

Most single moms are good for dating because they are used to relationships

3. Single Mothers Are More Likely To Put Everything Aside For Their Man

Successful single mothers are used to doing everything for their child(ren). That’s why they are less likely to be possessive, demanding or even nagging when they get involved with a new person. They know that life is full of compromises and they aren’t afraid to make them.

4. Single Mothers Know How To Enjoy Life With Their Partners

This one is probably the most important thing in any relationship you can think of. Of course, this single mom doesn’t want her partner to pay all the bills but she knows how to use money wisely not only because it is often hard-earned money either by herself or by both parents/guardians of her children.

Single mothers are not afraid of spending their money and they know how to enjoy life.

5. Single Mothers Are Often More Sensitive To Their Partners

Among many things you need to know about dating single moms, one is almost a consequence of the previous one. Since single mothers are used to being more understanding, caring and attentive towards their kids, this habit often follows them in adult life by making them better partners in relationships too.

They are definitely aware that every person is important for them so they pay full attention to everything they do in order to make sure that they wouldn’t lose any tiny thing that’s happening around them.

6. Single Mothers Are More Likely To Put You First Than Their Kids

There are some single moms out there who put their children before anything else but it is usually not an easy task and there are some struggles behind it.

Single mothers realize that they can’t let their children be the only reason for them to put up with a bad relationship or even worse, be alone forever. They know that they need someone who would support them and love them too without expecting anything in return.

7. Single Mothers Are Good Housewives

This point is something most men like about single moms. They like how they manage to make everything clean and perfect at home regardless of how many problems they might have outside of their house!

Their child(ren) doesn’t make this any easier but the fact is that single mothers often become really good housewives because they have to – there is no alternative if she wants her family life to be full of harmony.

8. Single Mothers Are Good At Planning Things

Another consequence of the previous point is that single mothers are really good planners! They know how to organize all their tasks and to-dos so they have no problems making perfect birthday parties for their kids, planning romantic trips with their partners or even getting a house ready for sale (if this applies). All these skills can definitely come in handy if you want to make your life easier – try it out!

single mothers are good planners! They know how to organize all their tasks

9. Single Mothers Are Often Wise And Mature Women

Single mothers often use their mental power and knowledge to keep track of everything that happens around them especially related to money and relationships. They always find some time for themselves and reflect on what they do and don’t want to do in future. This habit makes them wise women who are good at everything they do, not only being mothers.

10. Single Mothers Are Less Likely To Just Get Up And Leave You If You Mess Up

Single mothers have been through some tough times before so it is very unlikely that they would just leave you if your relationship hit a serious bump on the road – after all, everyone needs someone beside them when life gets hard! They know how to solve problems together which make their relationships stronger no matter what happens around them.

11. Single Mothers Know How To Get Their Priorates Straight

This point came up quite early but now it’s time for the explanation! Single mothers don’t waste their time on silly things anymore – all their efforts and energy go to more important things such as caring for their children, paying bills or even working on some new projects. They know what they need to do and  they try their best to do it.

12. Single Mothers Are Reliable And Trustworthy

Let’s put it this way: you can always count on a single mom! This is the main reason why most guys want to date them because they don’t want to lose someone who would support and help them through tough times instead of disappearing without saying anything.

Not only that but also men usually feel like single mothers know what commitment means which make them reliable partners in relationship too – no complaints here either!

13. Single Mothers Are Better At Listening

Listening may not be the most important quality in a relationship but it definitely helps if both partners can listen to each other without judging.

Having a child around usually makes things harder so single mothers have to deal with something similar on a daily basis which makes them great listeners! They know how to make people feel better, solve problems and even become friends with their exes.

14. Single Mothers Are Really Good With Kids

Their children don’t make things easier but they are the ones who inspired these ladies to do everything perfectly when it comes to taking care of kids. They want their kid(s) to like them and they often learn new tricks – like magic! – to make them feel better when they are down.

Single mothers often become babysitters or nannies in their free time because they don’t want to lose this connection with children so if you ever need someone to look after your kids, choose a single mom without hesitation!

Yeah, it is expected to see that a child hates her single mom and you might want to question them as to why do they resent her mom so much, but there can be different reasons for that!

15. Single Mothers Are Really Good At Taking Care Of Themselves

Single mothers also know that looking good and feeling confident is important. This is not just for partners but for themselves too.

This doesn’t mean that they forget about their child(ren) for even one second . However, they always put some time aside just for themselves, do exercises and eat properly no matter how much stress surrounds them. They keep working on themselves because there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you look good.

16. Single Mothers Are Very Understanding And Compromising

Single mothers know it’s hard to find a partner not only because they experienced it. This is also because they often have to compromise when it comes to their child(ren).

They don’t want their kid(s) to miss out on anything in life. When someone joins the family, both single mothers and their partners try really hard to make this work for everyone involved. We all need someone who understands us and single moms are usually that one person.

17. Single Mothers Are Brave Enough To Take On Challenges

As mentioned before, single mothers may seem like fragile beings who just sit at home doing nothing. But, if you get closer, you will realize that they have a really strong, brave personality. They deal with problems that arise on daily basis in their lives. Instead of giving up, they fight for themselves and their child(ren).

Single mothers don’t need anyone to help them – maybe except maybe sometimes when it comes to taking care of kids. But, they are okay not being the center of attention because what’s more important is their family.


Do you want to date a single mother? If so, we hope this list was useful and we encourage you to treat them right! Don’t forget: they will love their child(ren) with all their hearts and probably put their relationship before everything else in life so it’s crucial that you always respect their decisions.

You don’t need to give up on dating single mothers. They are really great partners who you can trust with everything. We just wished someone told us these facts when we were younger but since it’s not too late for some of you guys, hope this article helped!


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