How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex

How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex? 4 Simple Ways!

Do you still miss your ex even after so many years have passed away? Are you still thinking about your ex years later? It is common for someone to feel over-obsessed with their ex’s thoughts and probably cannot get rid of them at any cost. If you are going through this dilemma and want to know how to stop thinking about your ex, we are here for your help. Today we will share some tips that will assuredly help you to erase the memories of your ex. 

Well, it’s a fact that getting over the relationship and moving on is not as easy as it might sound to you now. But there are the lessons which we have to learn from life and get over it as soon as possible. Breakups are poignant, and raising all the memories is the most difficult task on earth. But it’s something we have to do for our mental peace and overall well-being. 

Do you want to know how to stop thinking about your ex? If yes, we welcome you from all our hearts. As always, we are here to ease your pain and give you mental peace. 


  • It is common to still think about an ex even years after a breakup, causing obsession and distress.
  • Understanding the reasons for the breakup and the hardships endured can provide relief and reaffirm the right decision.
  • Cutting off all communication and disconnecting from the ex on social media is crucial to stop thinking about them.
  • Keeping oneself busy with constructive activities and finding new hobbies or interests can help divert the mind.
  • Getting involved in new relationships and dating can provide a fresh start and help in moving on from the ex.

Why Am I Still Thinking About My Ex?

Have you ever asked yourself why I am still thinking about my ex? This is one such question that probably rolls around in your head all the time and pinches you. When you have recently broken up, you miss your ex every single second, no matter how happy or sad you are. You miss them in every single moment of your life. 

But the question is why it is happening and how to get rid of it!

Well, you need to remember the reason and background of your breakup. What were the causes which led you both to break up? 

Thinking about those hard and painful times your relationship has gone through will help you get some relief. You will find freedom and feel that your choice was right. You have taken the right step at the right time by leaving your Ex. 

For some people, it is hard to leave their partners, but for some, it is a feeling of relief. It would be a relief if you were going through a tough time being in a relationship with your ex. If you were into an abusive relationship, it is useless to miss your ex because they do not miss you.

How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex

How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex?

This is one such question about which all partners who have recently broken up in their relationship want to know! Well, honestly telling you there is no such specific answer to it. But still, there are some ways with which you can either divert your mind or find acceptance. 

Relationships matter a lot in our life. They demand a lot of sacrifices, time, attention, love, and sincerity. If you don’t find any of it then, it’s better to get rid of that relation. You might also break it on these grounds. 

Stop thinking about your ex, move on and go for the next one as your ex might have done. 

Now the question arises, how it would be possible to do that. You must be saying it’s not easy as it sounds to your ears. Exactly! You are right. However, giving it a try and being persistent will help you to get desired results. 

1. Make Sure You Cut All Communications

The first and foremost thing to do is stop texting, calling, or even posting anything regarding your ex. You should completely disconnect yourself from the ex, not just from the phone but even from social media. The more you will see them, the more you will miss them! Cut them off from your life right now. 

Keeping them on your social media will make you feel impulsive all the time, and you will make an effort to contact them again and again.  Keeping updates about the ex, even after the breakup, is human nature that we cannot ignore. 

So it’s better to do it at once and get control of yourself. Stop thinking and taking an interest in your ex’s life. Let them do whatever they want to. You are responsible for your happiness. That’s why you should do what makes you happy. Don’t keep yourself in consistent worry and confusion about your relationship with your ex.

2. Get Yourself Busy With Something Constructive 

The best secret sauce or the excellent strategy for stop thinking about your ex is to keep yourself busy. Find a different vacation or any hobby which is very close to your heart. Try to exert your energy and get peaceful sleep at the end of the day. 

Enhance your knowledge about life and what the paint gives to people. In this regard, books will help you a lot. Reading books, novels, psychological research papers, and the study about the nature of the relationship between opposite sexes will broaden your horizon. And it will give all the new thoughts to find the ways to stop thinking about your person. 

Moreover, you will learn about other people’s lives, their breakup, and how they get over it. All these things will help you in your case as well. 

3. Get Yourself a New Partner

The best way to stop thinking about your Ex is to jump into new relations and find a partner. It doesn’t mean that you should make haste and find the person without much knowledge about them. Take your time, go on dates with them several times and then take things forward. 

Seeing a suitable candidate will leave no time to think about your Ex. Your Ex must be enjoying their life to its fullest; why not you? You also have all the right to enjoy your life. 

So, from today start going on dates and look for suitable candidates in your circle. There may be someone who would be interested in you. Therefore, it’s better to stop thinking about your ex and start dreaming about new, good, trustworthy, and strong relationships.  

4. Think About the Bad Times Only 

If you want to forget about your ex, the best and most beneficial thing is to think about the pains, hardship. Try to recall all the discomforts and pains your ex has given you up till now. Think about the worst time with your ex. 

Thinking about the worst and painful times will give a boost to your hatred, and you’ll start to hate your ex. Our mission here is to forget an ex no matter what. If you can’t erase your ex’s memories from your mind, there isn’t anything bad in trying this technique. 

It is one of the most negative approaches to have, but it can be helpful when nothing proves to be effective. You can work on your hatred after you get over your ex completely. 

After How Long I Will Stop Thinking About My Ex?

No matter from which gender you belong, male or female, this question hits your mind once in a lifetime. Humans are an impatient species; we want everything to happen fast. 

But to be honest, there is no such answer to it! Some people probably take a few days, some take a few months, and some can’t stop thinking about it even after years. 

This doesn’t depend on the time you have spent with your ex; it depends on how much love and affection you have shared.  

This process can take even years of your life. So, it’s better to stop thinking about the past as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be thinking about an ex years later. 

How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex


To cut a long story short, you can benefit from this article if you are serious about how to stop thinking about your ex. When you experience a breakup, you should make yourself strong enough to bear the challenges of the post-breakup period. 

It is indeed easier said than done, but it isn’t impossible. If the will is strong, you can do anything. Plus, it is useless to cry over spilled milk; you’ve broken up now, there isn’t anything you can do now. 

Following our time-tested tips and keeping those strategies mentioned above in mind will help you immensely. If you genuinely want to stop thinking about your ex, try doing what we have discussed above. 

Moving on indeed is a challenging task, but it isn’t impossible. It’s a game of nerves, and you have to win it for your own sake. 


How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex While In A Relationship?

Yes, we do accept that stopping thinking about your ex is not that an easy task. But, you have to do it for a better and new life once again. Try to get yourself busy with something more productive. Go on dates, make new friends, travel, and stop contacting your ex. 

What Does It Mean When You Cannot Stop Thinking About Your Ex?

There are times when you try every possible tactic to forget your ex, but all your efforts go to waste. It usually happens when you don’t have a proper closure or have feelings for your ex. 

When you are not completely over your ex, you won’t ever stop thinking about them. No one can forget a person whom they love the most. That’s why you should focus on other productive things in life and try enjoying your life. 

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