Why Am I So Jealous Of My Ex New Life: How To Stop?

When you see your ex out and about, living their new life without you, it can be difficult not to feel jealous. Especially if things ended on bad terms, it’s natural to feel like you’ve been replaced.

If you’ve recently had a breakup, you might catch yourself asking as to “why am I so jealous of my ex new life”, after all aren’t they a chapter you should forget about?

Well, jealousy is often a sign of insecurity, and when it comes to your ex, it’s likely that you’re insecure about the relationship ending.

You may also be feeling left out or abandoned, which can trigger feelings of jealousy. Additionally, if your ex has moved on quickly, it can be difficult to see them happy and thriving without you.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you. Below is all that you need to know on being jealous about your ex’s new life and moving on.


  • Feeling jealous of your ex’s new life is natural, especially if the relationship ended on bad terms.
  • Jealousy often stems from insecurity about the relationship ending and fear of being alone.
  • If you’re a romantic, seeing your ex happy with someone else can make you feel like they’ve moved on and forgotten about you.
  • Feeling left out or abandoned can intensify feelings of jealousy.
  • Jealousy can lead to negative consequences such as a negative thought cycle, starting a battle with your ex, and looking like a fool.

Why Am I So Jealous Of My Ex New Life: Is It Natural?

Yes, it is natural to feel a certain level of jealousy when your ex moves on and starts living a new life without you. This is especially true if you were once very close to them.

it is natural to feel jealousy when your ex moves on

However, it is important to remember that your ex’s new life does not have to spell doom for your relationship with them. In fact, there are ways to manage your jealousy in a healthy way and continue to have a positive relationship with your ex.

Reasons You Are Jealous Of Your Ex’s New Life

Before you can work on getting over your ex, you need to understand why you’re feeling this way in the first place. Below are some common reasons why people can be jealous of their ex’s new life.

1. The Relationship Ended On Bad Terms

The relationship ending on bad terms is one of the most common reasons why people can feel jealous when their ex starts a new life without them.

When you’re in love with someone, it’s natural to feel like part of you is with them. Therefore, when your ex moves on and starts a new life, you might find yourself feeling left out and abandoned.

2. You Feel Insecure About The Relationship Ending

When a relationship ends, it’s natural to feel insecure about the future. You may have fears of being alone or not finding love again.

When a relationship ends, it's natural to feel insecure about the future

Additionally, you might also be feeling guilty that your past mistakes could have contributed to the breakup. While these feelings are understandable, they can trigger feelings of jealousy when your ex starts a new life.

3. You’re A Romantic

If you’re the type of person who believes in love, it’s no surprise that you can feel jealous when your ex moves on. And if this was a serious relationship, chances are you want them to be happy.

However, with this mindset ,you may also be feeling like their new life is a sign that they’re moving on and forgetting about you.

4. You’re Feeling Left Out Or Abandoned

If you’ve been left behind after your ex started a new life without you, it’s understandable to feel jealous. After all, it feels like you’ve been replaced and forgotten about.

This can often be the feeling that is most difficult to manage as it can be hard not to feel like your ex is purposely trying to ignore you.

Jealous Of Your Ex’s New Life? Here’s Why It Is So Dangerous

As we have been saying, being jealous of your ex is normal and totally humane. But, we might not have yet given the impression of how harmful it can be for you to hold on to this feeling of envy for a considerable time.

1. It Could Trigger A Negative Cycle

Your ex may have started a new life without you, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about you anymore. But if your brain is focused on this idea of being replaced, chances are it will be hard for you to stop thinking about them.

This can then lead to more negative thoughts and emotions that could eventually trigger a downward spiral leading back to depression or anxiety.  It could also cause problems in other areas of your life, such as school/career or friendships/family relations.

 2. You Could Start A Physical/Emotional Battle With Your Ex

If you’re holding onto feelings of jealousy towards your ex’s new life, there’s a good chance it could lead into dating again.

And since this break up was probably pretty bad, chances are that your ex won’t want anything to do with you once you start creeping into their lives again. The only thing this will do is start a physical/emotional battle that could potentially ruin any chances of you two getting along with a better partner.

3. You’ll End Up Looking Like A Fool

Lastly, and most importantly, if you’re unable to let go of your jealous thoughts towards your ex’s new life then there’s a good chance you’ll end up looking like the fool.

People will be able to tell that you’re still hung up on the past and that you can’t seem to move on – which isn’t a good look for anyone.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that jealousy is a normal feeling after a breakup.

However, if you’re not careful it can lead to some very dangerous consequences. So, do your best to manage your thoughts and emotions in a positive way and remember that your ex probably isn’t trying to ignore you – they’re just living their life.

How To Stop Being Jealous Of Your Ex’s New Life?

It can be really tough when you find out your ex has moved on and is living a new life. Maybe you feel like you’re not good enough or that you made a mistake in letting them go.

Regardless of why you’re feeling this way, it’s important to deal with these negative emotions so they don’t consume your life. Here are a few tips on how to stop being so jealous of your ex’s new life:

1. Don’t Compare Yourself To Them

One of the main reasons we become jealous of our ex’s new life is because we start to compare ourselves to them. We may think that their new life is better than ours, which only leads to more unhappiness.

The truth is, we will never know what their life is really like, and chances are, it’s not as perfect as we think. So, try to focus on your own life and stop comparing yourself to others.

2. Give Yourself Some Time

It’s normal to feel jealous after a breakup, especially if your ex has moved on quickly. It may take some time for you to get over these feelings and that’s okay. Just be patient with yourself and know that you will eventually start to feel better.

3. Talk To Someone About How You’re Feeling

Talking to someone about how you’re feeling can be helpful in managing your jealousy. It can be tough to keep all these thoughts and emotions bottled up inside, so talking openly can help you feel more relaxed.

Talking to someone about how you're feeling can be helpful in managing your jealousy

4. Remember That Your Ex Probably Isn’t Thinking About You

If you’ve been jealous of your ex’s new life then chances are that you’re obsessing over all the ways they could be better off without you.

But think of it this way: If your ex had really wanted to get back together with you, don’t you think they would have said something by now?

They probably haven’t because they’ve moved on and want nothing to do with you. So stop worrying about them and start focusing on yourself.

5. Don’t Try To Contact Them Again If Things Ended Badly

If your breakup was pretty bad at the end, trying to contact your ex or their new partner is only going to lead to a physical/emotional battle. And trust me, you don’t want that. It’s better to just stay away from them and move on.

6. Find Something To Be Happy About In Your Own Life

When we’re feeling jealous of our ex’s new life, it can be really tough to find anything to be happy about in our own lives.

But this is important, because if we don’t have anything to focus on other than our negative thoughts, we will only become more depressed. So, try to find something good in your life and focus on that.

7. Don’t Dwell On The Past

One of the main reasons we become jealous of our ex’s new life is because we’re having thoughts about how much better things were with them. But instead of focusing on the past and what you could have done, try to move forward and create a new life for yourself.

8. Remember That Your Ex Probably Isn’t Trying To Ignore You

We often feel like our ex is ignoring us when they don’t get in touch after we’ve tried contacting them. However, most likely they are just confused or don’t want anything to do with us anymore because they’re happy where they are now. So stop worrying about whether or not your ex wants to contact you back – if they did, they would have already done so by now.


In conclusion, it’s normal to become jealous of your ex’s new life after a breakup but if you take some time to focus on yourself and manage your thoughts and emotions, you will eventually start to feel better.

Just remember that your ex is probably not thinking about you as much as you’re thinking about them and that’s okay. Move on with your life and find someone who will love and appreciate you for who you are.


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