15 Reasons Why Do Teenage Sons Hate Their Mothers

A mother’s love is not to be questioned, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a tumultuous ride. From controlling their independence to embarrassing them in public, some moms do all sorts of things that annoy their teenage sons. But, even if the mothers are careful, their sons behave with them in a such a way that leaves most mothers asking why teenage sons hate their mothers.

Well, there are many reasons behind this and we only want you to know that it is natural for some teenage sons to hate their moms. It’s not as if they take pleasure in hating our moms; they just can’t help it sometimes.

Well, that doesn’t mean that teenage sons’ hatred for their mothers is justified and accepted. After all, a mother’s love and dedication to her children is irreplaceable and indescribable and every mother deserves the respect she deserves.

So, we’re here to give you 15 reasons for this hatred and why teenage sons hate their mothers. Keep reading!

Top 15 Reasons Why Teenage Sons Hate Their Mothers

If your son hates you or behaves rudely with you, then he is likely going through a rough patch in his life. But what could this be? Well, it could be due to peer pressure, changing hormones, becoming sexually active, falling in love for the first time, or trying drugs. However, the relation between mother and teenage sons should be great – and if its not, its natural to worry.

Whatever it is, don’t take it personally when he lashes out at you. Rather try to figure out what is bothering your son so much and yes, read the following common reasons behind teenage sons resenting their moms!

1. Teenage Sons Can’t Deal With Mom’s Overbearing Nature

Teenage boys are usually not comfortable with their mothers being overly involved in their lives. When they’re already facing problems with friends and school, they can’t handle being constantly nagged by their moms.

2. Moms Are Feared As The Strictest People In Their Lives

Most teenage boys are known to fear their dads more than their mom and this often happens because of toxic teenage mother and son relationship. This is because mothers are often viewed as the nurturing ones who are always there for them. But, this doesn’t mean that mothers can’t be strict and tough with them. Moms are feared as the toughest people in a teen’s life, because they embody discipline and rules.

3. Teenagers Often See Their Mothers As The Only Ones To Blame For Their Problems

Teenage boys can develop an awful habit of blaming their mom for all their problems, no matter how small they are. However, the blame is generally targeted towards their mothers as most boys think that their friends’ moms don’t treat them as badly as their own mom does.

4. Teenage Sons Resent Their Moms When They Compare Them To Other Boys

When mothers are constantly comparing their sons to other boys, it can make them feel worthless. Teenagers are self-conscious about themselves and anything that involves having a deficient of any kind is bound to make them feel bad about themselves.

Teenage Sons Resent Their Moms When They Compare Them To Other Boys

5. Mothers Are Often Seen As The Enemy During A Breakup With A Girlfriend

If your son had a girlfriend, then there’s no doubt that you’d be against her – because you’re his mother and want the best for him; not some girl who could break his heart. He might take this personally and resent you after their split occurs.

6. Some Teenage Boys Get Annoyed When Their Moms Try To Stay Involved In Their Lives

Teenage boys don’t want their moms to try and stay involved in their lives. Sure, they’re grateful for everything that their mothers have done for them so far, but they feel like it’s time for them to grow up and take care of themselves.

7. Mothers Are Viewed As The People Who Tried To Ruin Everything They Loved

When you grew up with a mom who tried to control every aspect of your life – from what you wore to when you ate dinner – then chances are high that you’d resent your mother for trying to ruin the things that mattered most to you.

8. Teenage Sons Can Feel Pressured By Their Mom’s Expectations

Teenage boys often feel pressured by their mother’s expectations. They want to impress her but won’t be able to do so if she sets a very high standard for them. Boys don’t like the feeling of constantly disappointing their moms.

9. Teenagers Can Be Turned Off By Their Mom’s Dating Habits

If you’re single and dating, then chances are that your teenage son doesn’t approve of your behavior one bit. He might resent his mom for meeting someone new, because it means he’ll have to deal with a stranger in the house who can potentially take over his mom’s attention from him.

Teenager sons might hate their mom because of her dating habits

10. Mothers Are Seen As The People Who Took Away Their Comfort Zone

Most mothers have this desire to help their sons grow up and become better. They do this by pushing them out of their comfort zone and giving them a dose of reality. Teenagers see this as the person who took away the only place they could call home.

11. Teenage Boys Often Don’t Approve Of Their Mom’s New Partner

Teenage boys don’t necessarily like the idea of having a stepdad. There’s no doubt that they appreciate their mom finding happiness with someone new, but there’s also a part of them who wants their mother all to themselves and someone else in the mix will only complicate things.

12. Some Teenage Boys Feel Like Their Moms Are Monitoring Them 24/7

If you constantly feel like your son is constantly checking up on you, then it might be time for you to tone down your need to watch out for him and let him grow up on his own without constantly worrying about every move he makes. He’ll resent you if you’re seen as trying to control his life instead of helping him live it on his own terms.

13. Teenagers Can Look At Their Mom’s Relationship As A Threat

If your teenage son isn’t happy with you dating someone new, then there’s a chance that he might not feel comfortable with the idea of having another man in the house. He might think that this guy is trying to take over as “man of the house” and he’ll resent him for it.

14. Teenage Boys Often Think That Their Mothers Don’t Have Their Son’s Best Interests In Mind

Most mothers will do whatever they can to ensure that their sons are alright and happy throughout their lives; but sometimes, all their advice and help can come off as annoying – especially if you were doing everything before without any help from them.

15. Some Teenage Boys Can Turn Down The Idea Of Having A Relationship With Their Mother

If your teenage son is going through a rebellious stage and doesn’t connect with you like he used to when he was younger, then it might be time for both of you to take a break from each other. Sometimes, boys find their mothers’ nagging too overwhelming and they don’t want to feel like they’re the only person who’s suffering because of it.

How To Deal With A Teenage Son Who Hates You?

As a mother, it is totally natural that you’d want to figure out some ways to deal with a teenage son who resents you and hurts you. Not having your little man love you might feel like a breakup.

It is also perfectly normal to feel hurt and sad when you realize that your teenage son doesn’t appreciate everything that you’ve done for him.

You’d want him to open up about what’s on his mind instead of just shutting you out. But, here are better ways to handle such a vulnerable son:

1. Step Back And Let Him Grow Up

One of the best ways to deal with a teenage son who hates you is to give him his space and let him grow up. Teenagers love their freedom and they often run away from home because of it.

2. Realize That You’ve Given Him Everything He Needs

You’ve given your teenage son everything he needs but sometimes, too much isn’t always good especially when he feels like he’s suffocating in his own home.

Even with a son hating you, understand that you aren't a bad mom

3. Evaluate Your Behavior For The Reasons Shared Above

Don’t immediately take your teenage son’s words personally. Try to see if there’s a reason behind a son disrespecting you and you might realize that he says such things because he doesn’t like the idea of someone else becoming his mother.

4. Discuss Things Man To Man

If you’re not able to figure out what exactly is going on with your teenager, then it might be time to bring him out and talk things through. Treat him like a man and see if he’s willing to open up about what’s going on with his life.

5. Have An Open Mind And Be A Source Of Support

Being a teenager is all about trying new things, making mistakes and learning from them as you go. You can’t expect them to be perfect or even okay at times, so try to maintain an open mind and be a source of support for him as he goes through his teenage years.


We understand that having a teenage son who hates you can be a tormenting experience as a mother. You just want to keep your son happy, but sometimes, your help might not always be welcomed. Your teenage son might not realize how much you do for him until he leaves home and gets older.

You’ve given up so much of your life to ensure that he’s alright. And even though you are very proud of all the things he has done, there comes a point when you’d want him to understand that he has everything thanks to your hard work.

What do you think about the reasons shared above? Would they help you understand why your teenage son hates you so much? If you want, tell us more about how he deals with his mother. We’d love to know.


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