15 Reasons Why Do Sons Disrespect Their Mothers?

Many of us have grown up hearing great things about the relationship between sons and their mothers. However, not everything is same for all. There are, for instance, mothers who hate their sons and then, we have sons who either hate their mothers or don’t treat her right. Have you ever thought as to why do sons disrespect their mothers?

It is natural to frown upon all those disrespectful sons whenever you come across one. There are so many reasons, and every case is different. However, here are some of the most common reasons why a so – irrespective of his age – might resent his mother wrong.


  • Sons may disrespect their mothers if they feel their independence is being taken away.
  • Strictness from mothers can lead to sons resenting them.
  • Constant questioning of a son’s abilities by the mother can cause resentment.
  • Sons may be jealous of their mother’s relationship with their father and act out disrespectfully.
  • Referring to a son as a child constantly can lead to resentment.

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1. The Son Feels Like His Mother Is Taking Away His Independence

Sometimes, both the mother and son are living together for most of the day and the mother is in charge of the son’s day too. Of course, you can not blame anyone for it but sometimes it leads to a lot of tension between the mother and son.

The son might feel that his mother is interfering too much in his personal life and taking away his independence constantly.

2. The Mother Is Too Strict With The Son

Now, this reason is more on the lines of mothers who are always blunt with the sons on all matters. Even if the son is capable of taking decisions on his own for himself, the mother might always force her opinion onto him. This practice by mothers, however, does not make their sons respect them more.

3. The Son’s Abilities are Being Questioned By His Mother Constantly

Everyone has started to understand that all good talents and abilities of a son or daughter are nurtured by their parents. However, if the mother is constantly questioning more on his capabilities and talents than she should do, it might annoy the son and he would not be comfortable accepting anything from her ever again.

4. The Son Is Jealous Of His Mother’s Glowing Relationship With Her Spouse

There are times when the mother has a very good relationship with her husband and everything is going on fine. However, there are some cases where sons might not be okay with their mother having such a great bond with their father and they cannot handle it. They feel like they want to take over the place of their father and start disrespecting them both.

5. The Mother Refers To Her Son As ‘My Child’ Constantly

While most mothers constantly refer to their sons as their children, it is necessary that they do not always talk about their son in a way which makes them sound like they are still babies. It might annoy the son and he can start disliking his mother for all the same reasons.

6. The Mother Might Have Relationship With A Man Who’s Not Son’s Father

There are cases where the mother might have a relationship with someone other than her son’s father and sometimes it leads to an uncomfortable situation. Although, such relationships do not lead to most of the times, they can cause a lot of tension between all those involved and sons might also resent their mother for hurting their father in that way.

sons might hate mother who has Relationship

7. The Mother Is Always Tolerant Of Her Son’s Mistakes

Now, if a mother is always willing to accept her son’s mistakes and she has a very tolerant nature, the son might not grow up to respect his mother. It can give a wrong kind of message to him as he thinks that his actions do not affect or hurt anyone which is definitely not true.

8. The Mother Always Makes Her Son Feel Small

Sometimes mothers make their sons feel small by constantly making them feel like they are incapable of doing anything on their own. This often leads to sons resenting their mothers for such behavior.

A son might hate the Mother IF she Makes Him Feel Small

9. The Mother Is Disrespectful To Her Son

Of course, we would frown upon toxic mothers who disrespect their sons and if they behave badly with the children, the worst comes out of them too. Sometimes, they might start acting like the son is just a child and not an individual and this can lead to them disrespecting their mothers too.

10. The Mother Does Not Believe In Admitting Her Mistakes And Feels That She Is Perfect

While most mothers come out when they make mistakes, there are some who do not accept that they have made any in the first place. They always want to stay in defense mode which makes it tough for their sons to even talk to them properly.

11. The Son Might Have Been Through A Lot Of Domestic Abuse While He Was Growing Up And Resents His Mother For It

Now, we cannot blame a mother for all that but sometimes she might have been a part of the decisions at home which might have led to a lot of domestic abuse on the son.

sons hate their mothers if they have been through domestic abuse

12. The Mother Might Not Have Been There For Her Son When He Needed Her

There are some mothers who abandon their children for various reasons and this does not give a good message to the child as he grows up. So, if they actually hear from someone that their mother did not love them as much as she should have, it might lead to them resenting their mothers as well.

13. The Mother Is Always In A Hurry To Get Things Done And Does Not Care About Listening To Her Sons

Every mother is busy and we cannot always blame them for being in a hurry but there are times when they do not even listen to what their children have to say and it makes the kids resent them.

14. The Mother Is Judgmental And Always Reminds Her Son Of His Mistakes Every Now And Then

If a mother is always judgmental, she eventually starts irritating her son as well because he might feel that his mistakes are being pointed out every single time. This does not give a good feeling to the boy about himself or his mother.

15. The Mother Blames Her Son For All Her Problems Even If It Is Not His Fault

As we said, mothers should not be judgmental towards their children but there are some who start giving all kinds of reasons whenever they face a problem in life and they keep on saying that it is the son’s fault. This leads to the son resenting his mother for blaming him even if it is not his mistake at all.

Why Do Sons Disrespect Their Mothers: Could That Be A Mother’s Fault?

No, not always. But, sometimes it could be!

There are many reasons as to why a son can disrespect his mother and it is not always the fault of the mother. However, there are some points that mothers need to keep in mind so that they do not make their sons resent them later on.

1. Mothers Should Not Judge Their Sons Too Much

If a mother constantly judges her son then he might end up resenting her for it because he does not want people to talk about him like that. Of course, he understands that she is just trying to show him a better way forward but this becomes irritating at times.

2. The Mother Should Respect Her Son’s Privacy And Freedom As Well

If the mother is always in his son’s business then he will resent her for it because she does not give him the freedom that every person deserves.

3. The Mother Should Know When To Let Go

There are times when mothers do not want to let go of their children and they keep interfering in their lives even when it is time to stop. If they do this, their sons might feel suffocated and eventually start hating them for it.

4. The Mother Should Not Try To Control Her Son Whenever She Is Upset

If a mother tries to control her child whenever she goes through some emotional turmoil, there are chances that the son might hate her for such behavior as well because no one likes being told what to do all the time even if it is their own mother.

5. The Mother Should Not Try To Be Her Child’s Friend Instead Of A Parent

There are mothers who make the mistake of trying to be their children’s friend and not a parent which might lead to them resenting their mothers later on because they feel that there was no discipline when they were growing up.

6. The Mother Should Not Compare Her Child To Other Children

A mother should always respect every child and the way they are even if she does not like it. If she starts comparing her son to other children, he might end up resenting her for such behavior because no one likes being compared to someone else all the time.

7. A Mother Should Not Ignore Her Son When He Is Talking To Her

If a mother is busy with something else when her son is talking or asking her something, there are chances that he might get annoyed because no one likes being ignored all the time. So, mothers should be more attentive towards their sons so that they do not start resenting them later on in life.


A mother should always know when her son is growing up and need space. She should not try to control his life or follow him around all the time. There are many other qualities that a mother can have which might make their sons resent them but these 7 points cover most of it.

So, next time you want your child to respect you and your authority, just think about the above-mentioned things and keep in mind that by making such mistakes you will surely end up losing your child’s love for you which we all know is something that no one would want to do so be careful!


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