My Ex-Boyfriend Told me to Move On

My Ex Boyfriend Told Me To Move On! What Does That Mean?

Did your ex-boyfriend tell you to move on and let go of the past? If yes, you must be wondering why my ex-boyfriend told me to move on. Was he even serious when he said you to date other guys? The circumstances under which they spoke to you in a way like this do occasionally bear some thought.

Your ex’s state of affairs is an essential factor in whether you should let go of your ex or not. The chances of your ex-boyfriend returning are hopeless if he has completely moved on. However, he might come back after asking you to move on if he isn’t over you.

Anyhow, we are here to discuss whatever the reasons were and what does it mean when your ex tells you to move on. Take some of your precious time and read this article with great concentration. We are sure of the fact you won’t be disappointed by what you will find here. So, without any further ado, let’s hop right into the topic.

My Ex-Boyfriend Told me to Move On



  • The article discusses the reasons behind an ex-boyfriend telling you to move on and whether he meant it or not.
  • It explores two scenarios: when your ex said it in anger and didn’t mean it, and when he genuinely wants you to move on.
  • Signs that indicate your ex-boyfriend wasn’t serious about asking you to move on include treating you the same as before, not blocking you on social media, and getting into a rebound relationship.
  • Signs that indicate your ex-boyfriend wants you to move on include avoiding you, suggesting you date other men, moving out and returning everything, blocking you on social media, and changing his status to single.
  • The article advises analyzing the reason for the breakup and going into a period of no contact to gain perspective and potentially work on getting back together.

My Ex-Boyfriend Told Me to Move On – Did He Mean It? 

We hear the question many times; can I get my ex back if he told me to move on? or he told me to move on; will he come back? To get an answer to these questions, you would have to do some analysis. There are two scenarios; first, your ex said it in anger and didn’t mean it; second, your ex genuinely wants you to move on.

Both scenarios are discussed in detail so you could easily understand the situation.

Signs When He Tells You to Move On But Doesn’t Mean it 

There are chances your ex is still into you and wasn’t serious when he tells you to move on. The statement he made might not be relevant to what he intends to do in the future. Maybe he wasn’t serious when your ex-boyfriend told you to move on.

If you notice your ex-boyfriend shows the signs discussed below, it is for sure then HE ISN’T OVER YOU. You must take this opportunity and make the best out of it. Use it to your advantage and get back together with him.

1. Your Ex Treats You Like He Did In The Past 

Your ex-boyfriend is asking you to move on and still talking to you like nothing has changed; it is genuinely confusing. If your ex still treats you the way he did before is a sign he isn’t over you. Your ex-boyfriend wasn’t serious when he asked you to move on. Remember, if there’s something you don’t want, you won’t hold onto it either, and no sane person would hug something that isn’t for them.

You might become confused about your ex-boyfriend’s puzzling behavior. However, let me assure you if he is talking and treating you the same, it is the most apparent sign he still loves you. It is good news for you if you desire to get back with your ex. No matter how your relationship ended, you are more likely to get your ex back in such circumstances.

If your ex-boyfriend wants some space, give him all the time he requires before you get back into the frame. There may be a reason why your ex wants space, or it might be just a test. However, give him space and time to get himself together.

No doubt the most confusing breakups are when exes express one thing and do the exact opposite. You should at least ask your ex. Because usually, something is wrong when exes act like this. Talk to your ex and sort things out together, don’t let external factors ruin your relationship once again.

2. Your Ex Hasn’t Blocked You Yet 

The 21st century is the era where social media is an integral part of our life. If your ex is still following you and hasn’t blocked you, it’s another sign that he hasn’t given up on you. Being friends with your partner on social media is one of the signs for the world that we are together. Therefore, when an ex blocks you or unfollows you on social media, it gives you a shock. 

Your ex could have done that just out of anger. However, it still gives the impression that your ex-boyfriend doesn’t care about you and has moved on. Perhaps your ex didn’t block you out of courtesy you deserve if you’ve been together for a while. You didn’t create a drama when you guys broke up; it may have led to this. 

Your ex hasn’t blocked you on social media platforms is indeed excellent news, but you shouldn’t misuse it. Try to avoid calling and tagging them all the time; it may disturb them. It will result in your favor if you prohibit yourself and stay friends with your ex. You never know this friendship may turn into a relationship later. 

3. Your Ex Immediately Gets Into A Rebound Relationship 

People say the breakup is for good, and you guys had an ill-fate if an ex-boyfriend gets into a new relationship right after a breakup. When he is already in a relationship with someone else and telling you to move on, he won’t be back. You may find it sad, but every relationship doesn’t necessarily last forever.

“Treat it as if it never existed” is what a wise woman said to me once. Things that keep slipping away were never yours, to begin with. Therefore, it is very wise to let go of things that make you sad and depress.

However, there are times when a person gets into a rebound relation to make their ex jealous. If your ex developed a rebound relationship right after the breakup, it is evident; he did it to make you jealous. Sometimes when things go out of control, people tend to say GRAPES ARE SOUR.

Your ex may have gone into a rebound relationship to show off or make you feel he doesn’t need you anymore. Whatever the reason may be, it is evident that your ex isn’t entirely over you and still has feelings for you.

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4. Your Ex Plans a Future With You 

Your ex still likes you if he plans any future event which involves you too. When your ex-boyfriend tells you to move on, but his plans involve you, it means he isn’t over you entirely. Your ex is confused about his feelings for you. He may feel bad about making plans without you because he still has feelings for you. 

The other reason behind his doing maybe he wants you as a friend in his life. He involves you in his every plan because he loves to spend time with you as a friend. While you guys were dating, you were his best friend too. He lost you as a lover after a breakup but didn’t want to lose a friend in you too. 

Signs When He Actually Wants You to Move On 

If your ex-boyfriend told you to move on and showed signs discussed below, it means he has moved on too. It isn’t necessary for your ex has to display all of these signs. It would be best if you move on in such scenarios.

These signs depict your ex has already moved on, and your ex wants you to do the same. If you notice your ex showing these signs, let go immediately. You are obliged to let go and move on if you witness even a single sign in your ex’s behavior.

1. He Tries Everything To Avoid You 

If you feel your ex is avoiding you, know that he has moved on, and he wants you to do the same. Your ex will try his best to avoid going to places where you might go as well. He genuinely tries to avoid you as much as he possibly can. You won’t see him wandering around you anymore.

2. He Suggest You Date Other Men 

When your ex-boyfriend has moved on, he starts suggesting you hang out with other people. He doesn’t mind if you hang out or even date any other man. Your ex doesn’t interfere in your love life and expects the same from you. A man only does it when he doesn’t have anything to do with the girl.

3. He Moves Out And Return Everything 

Once your ex-boyfriend moves on, he will immediately move out. Your ex will move in with someone else but move out from your place. If you are staying at his place, he will ask you to move. Whichever the situation is, he will live separately after a breakup.

The other thing he might do is; return your stuff. He will make sure you get everything from his house or vice versa. Your ex might also give all of your gifts back, which you gave him.

4. He Blocks You From Social Media 

The most important thing for this era’s people is social media. You will get blocked right away. Your ex will block you from all of his social media platforms and unfollow you. Once you are blocked, it means your ex is over you and has moved on.

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5. He Changes His Status To SINGLE 

After breaking up with you and blocking you, your ex will change his status to single. When a person changes his marital status, it becomes evident that he has moved on. He will do it to tell people he has broken up and is single right now.

Has My Ex-Boyfriend Moved On? 

Has your ex moved on or not utterly depends on his current situation. If your ex has a new girlfriend and is very happy with his life, it means he has moved on. Your ex must have moved on if he has changed. There are tons of signs that show your ex is over you. Some of the most evident and apparent signs your ex has moved on are:

  • He cuts off all the contact with you.
  • Your ex gets annoyed when you are around, so he starts to avoid you.
  • He encourages you to hang out with other guys.
  • It doesn’t bother him if you date another guy.
  • He returns all the things you gave him.
  • Your ex moves in with his guy friends or new girlfriend.
  • He moves out of your home.
  • You get blocked from his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media.
  • He changes his marital status to single on his social media platforms.
  • Your ex tries to avoid visiting the places where he might bump into you.
  • He straightforwardly tells you that you guys are over now
  • Your ex will start visiting dating apps too.

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What Should I Do When My Boyfriend Tells Me To Move On? 

Why does My Ex-boyfriend tell me to move on? And what to do when my ex-boyfriend is asking me to move on? These are the questions we hear a lot on our website. The very first thing you should do is analyze the reason for your breakup. Getting perspective on a breakup after breaking up is essential.

It’s hard to fix anything if you cannot identify the mistakes that led to the breakup. The relationship is ultimately doomed to break up if you don’t rectify the underlying issues, at the very least. Taking an objective look at the relationship with fresh and honest eyes is the first step to get back together with your ex.

It’s rather difficult to develop a perspective like this when you still have contact with your ex. To get a better insight into this, you should go radio silent. Only in the no contact phase will you analyze the problems and think of suitable solutions.

My Ex-Boyfriend Told Me to Move On But Still He Still Texts Me 

What does it mean when a guy tells you to move on but still texts you? There may be many reasons behind your ex-boyfriend asking you to move on and still texting you. In my experience, reasons that are the same with ex’s contacting you after a breakup are:

  • The things that happened make your ex feel guilty.
  • Feeling lonely may make your ex feel disappointed, and that will lead them to turn to you.
  • Your ex has nothing to do, so he texts you.
  • Sexual relation is his ultimate goal.
  • He misses you being his friend.
  • Your ex is checking if you have already moved on and have given up.
  • Perhaps your ex misses you and wants to get back together.

My Ex-Boyfriend Told Me to Move On

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Can I Get Him Back After He Tells Me To Move On, Or It’s Over? 

No matter how young or how old you are, breaking up is never easy. The post-breakup pain is the same for every age group. It may be true your ex-boyfriend told you to move on, but he didn’t mean it. There is a little array of hope you start to have while thinking about it. If your ex is still in contact with you and hasn’t found a new girlfriend, you can stick to the hope.

You might get back together if you didn’t create a scene on your breakup. A couple whose breakup didn’t end on bad terms tends to have a higher chance of patching up. Your ex may give you a second chance if you don’t make mistakes many people make after a breakup. The mistakes we are talking about are:

  • Pleading and begging your ex to come back
  • Calling or texting over and over again
  • Being desperate and showing clingy behavior towards an ex.
  • Cursing your ex when he finds a new girlfriend
  • Talking ill about your ex and his current girlfriend.

There are tons of others too, but the most irritating and annoying mistakes that push your ex away are these. You make any one of these mistakes, and you are out of the game. Your ex will never want to get back together with you. So, it would help you if you avoid making these mistakes if you want your ex back.


What does it mean when your ex tells you to move on? 

When he tells you to move on, it is usually a sign that he can’t cope with you and this relationship. Your ex is not interested in developing some romantic relationship with you anymore. That is why he suggests you hang out with other guys and stop waiting for him to return. Your ex has moved on with his life, and he won’t be back.

How do you know when your ex is indeed done with you? 

If your ex doesn’t talk to you very often, ignore your texts, his concern for you dies, and he doesn’t ask about you much, it shows he has moved on. When your ex starts showing these signs know that he has moved on. In such situations, when your ex-boyfriend asks you to move on, he genuinely wants you to move on.


You might wonder why my ex-boyfriend told me to move on when he knows I’m still into him and he has feelings for me too. Your ex knows you love him, and he has feelings for you too, but things will go wrong if you guys start dating again. That is why he asks you to move on. During this time, you both will be able to think well, which will help you in decision-making later. 

On the other hand, When he tells you to move on, he might be serious. Your ex-boyfriend may genuinely want you to move on and leave him alone. He may have moved on and happy with his life, so; he doesn’t want to get disturbed. 

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