my ex texted me then ignores me

My Ex Texted Me Then Ignores Me – 12 Surprising Reasons!

When you are in a healthy relationship, and then a breakup happens. After your breakup from nowhere, your ex texts you, and then they are ignoring your response. Mainly the question arises that why my ex texted me and now ignores me?

If you are experiencing the same situation and don’t know what to do in this situation, don’t worry. Every problem has a solution, and we have the solution for your dilemma.

In this blog, we will guide you about why your ex texted you and then ignores you? How should you reply to their texts? To know the answers, you need to read the following article. Hopefully, you will get the key to your confusion by reading this article.

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  • Your ex may have texted you out of curiosity or to see if you still have feelings for them.
  • They could be bored or seeking attention, using you as a source of entertainment.
  • Your ex might still have feelings for you and want to get back together.
  • They could be guilty for their past actions and want to apologize.
  • It’s possible they are playing mind games or don’t value your feelings.

Why Your Ex Texted You First, But Now Ignores You?

my ex texted me then ignores me

There are many different reasons that why your ex texted you first but now ignores you. The reasons can be positive or negative too. Optimistic in the sense that they might be curious about what is going on in your life. The other reason maybe they are still in love with you and miss you.

On the other hand, the reason behind your ex texted before but now ignores you may be harmful too.  Your ex might be using you because they are bored or maybe because of lust.

1. They Want to Know What’s Going On In Your Life

The first reason why your ex texted you then and now ignores you could be your ex wants to know what’s going on in your life. They want to see whether you have moved on or not. What did you do right after the breakup?

It’s pretty normal for anyone to know the whereabouts of the particular person they’ve spent quality time with in the past. Now, if your ex texted you and ignores you simultaneously, that means they are just concerned. They want to know if you still love them or not.

2. Ex Texted You Because They Were Bored

An apparent reason for getting a text from your ex could be out of sheer boredom. Perhaps they are so bored with their daily routine that they want to do something new. Under this phenomenon, your ex may think of you and text you merely out of boredom.

After your ex texted you, they ignore you and your responses to keep their ego unbothered. Maybe torturing someone is fun for them.

On the other hand, your ex texted was sitting alone, and suddenly they thought of the good times you guys spent together. Your ex texted you while being zoned out and get shocked after seeing your reply. This could also be a reason why your ex texted you and then ignores you and your responses.

3. Maybe They Still Have Some Feelings For You

Another reason for your ex to text you is maybe they still love you. Sometimes couples love each other in a relationship so much, but they have to go separate ways. They have to break up just because they want some time to sort things out.

But when they realize that you are the only one they truly love, they try to get you back. Your ex will text you daily or follow you everywhere. Exes get jealous very quickly, and when they’re, they make sure you know it too. You may get a call or text from your ex, too, recalling the beautiful times of the past.

Some people are afraid to accept the fact that they still have feelings for their ex. If your ex texted you first but now ignores you, maybe they too don’t want to accept this fact.

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4. They’re Just Curious

 Your ex texts you maybe because they are curious that how well your life is going without them. This happens in most cases, and sometimes your ex can’t believe how easily you got over them.

Their curiosity can be about anything like you are still single or seeing someone else. You still miss them or not, whether you moved on or not etc. Their curiosities make them miserable, and your ex texted you and then ignores you to keep their profile high. Thinking positively, maybe they are busy with something, so they didn’t get time to reply to your text.

5. They’re Guilty, and Texting You Give Make Them Feel Better

Your ex is guilty of you because of an ugly breakup. And they are texting you to compensate for their mistakes. Your ex texted you and ignored your messages which means your replies make them feel better.

If your ex is feeling guilty for what they did, that means they are good. Your ex is feeling guilty but is not showing it while texting you. Your ex texted you, but when you replied they ignored your replies, they feel comfortable and less guilty.

6. Maybe They Want to Apologize

You are over with your ex and finally moved on. On a peaceful day, you got a text from a number, which was from your ex.

The reason for your ex texting you first could be that they are sorry. Maybe they want to apologize for the things they did which caused the breakup. They are sorry for hurting you, and that is why they texted you to forgive them.

They are some cases where people send apology messages to their exes to throw the burden of the guilt off the shoulders. They have moved on and are happy with their current life, but the guiltiness disturbs them all the time. To minimize the remorse, your ex texts you and ignores your reply to avoid the conversation.

In short, your ex texted and then ignored you or replying late to your texts. Maybe they are already moved on and just wanted to apologize to you because they can’t live with this guilt.

7. They Couldn’t Move On

Sometimes the things don’t go the way you expected but the other way around. Your ex texted you and now ignores you—the reason behind texting you may be that they couldn’t move on.

Maybe they truly loved you when you were together. Now your ex is regretting the breakup, though they were the ones who suggested the partition. Moving on is undoubtedly a complicated thing and requires time.

It is up to the person who wants to move on or get over the past or not. Maybe they fear that they can never find the love they have experienced with you. With these insecurities, they couldn’t move on.

8. Maybe They’re Afraid of your Response

The reason your ex texted you and then ignored you could be they are afraid of your response. Your ex may be frightened of what you could have replied, and that is why they intentionally ignore you.

They are afraid that what will be your response to their texts. It is typical for anyone to think about thousand times while texting anybody.

Your ex wanted to text you, and they did, but now they’re afraid that how you will react. Whether you judge the text or say how dare they text me directly or insult them. These fears make your ex ignore your messages. This type of people are coward; they don’t want to accept reality. They are afraid to face their failure.

9. Temporary Feelings Or Lust

Your ex texted you; what could be the reason behind it? Are they still not over you or just playing with you? You first need to figure it out, what type of person your ex was. Do they love to be the center of attraction to their opposite gender?

If yes, then it might be possible that your ex is here for lust.  Maybe they are not able to find someone to flirt with, and they are desperate.  They always want someone who revolves around them. They want you back again, perhaps because they want to fulfill their physical desires.

10. Maybe They’re Feeling Lonely and Miserable

It might be possible; your ex texted you because they’re missing you and feeling lonely. After breaking up with you, they got over you, moved on quickly, and got into a new relationship. After some time, your ex realized that they shouldn’t have done this. They regret hurting you and breaking up with you.

After realizing their mistakes, they are feeling lonely and miserable. They want to release their selves from this guilt, so they texted you maybe for your forgiveness.

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11. They’re Drunk

Another side of the picture might be that your ex texted you while being drunk. Some people usually love to drink, and some people drink when they are sad or exhaust. Maybe after the breakup, your ex is unhappy and went to a bar and drinks to their peak.

After they are so drunk, they texted you and spoke their heart out. Your ex might get passed out after texting you because they are drunk. You received the text and replied, but your ex can’t reply to you because they passed out.

Now that you know why your ex texted you and then ignores your response, you shouldn’t worry much. Instead of worrying, you should handle the situation maturely now.

12. They Got Dumped from Their New Partner

You might be wondering what could be the reason for your ex texting you. Maybe your ex got dumped from their new partner as they left you. After getting dumped by their partner, they realized the pain they caused when they left you. They realize their mistake and text you because they are feeling sorry for what they did.

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My Ex Keep Texting Me And Ignores My Response Every time

After post-breakup, suddenly, your ex text you again that gave you a mini heart attack. You replied to the texts your ex sent, but they ignored your messages. Every time your ex keeps texting you and disregards your response every time, and the saga continues. You are sick of this behavior and don’t know what to do when an ex ignores your texts.

There are many reasons that why your ex texted you first but now ignores your response. Why are they keeping this behavior? Are they psycho, or they love to tease others? You will find the answers to these questions by reading the following blog.

1. Your Ex Is Playing Games With You

If your ex keeps texting you and ignoring your response might be possible, they are playing games. Your ex might have sent you a text to see your reaction. Maybe your ex wants to know how you will react. Will you be delighted to see the text and respond happily, or will you burst out of anger?

They are just playing mind games with you just to tease you. They find it entertaining, and they do it for fun and time-pass. They will offer you to get back together to see your response. Upon your reply, they will leave you hanging. It will make you ultimately restless, and they will win their game.

2. They Don’t Value Your Feelings

Your ex texted you and then ignored your response, and you don’t get that why they are doing it. This behavior of your ex shows that your ex is a complicated person. Your ex doesn’t care about the other person’s feelings. To keep their pride and ego, they hurt your feelings.  

They don’t value your feelings. In their perspective, your affections and feelings are nothing. That’s why they are keeping this behavior towards which they think is normal. These types of people are selfish and only love their selves they don’t care about anyone.

3. They Can’t Handle Your Emotions

When you receive a text from your ex, you get too emotional sometimes. Seeing that text, you remember your beautiful past with your ex. Comparing the past with the present, you get too emotional.  Unconsciously you reply to your ex being sentimental, and that annoys them.

They quit thinking about reconciling and ignore your response because they can’t handle your emotional attitude every time. You being emotional annoys them the most, so try to avoid it.

4. Time-pass

After a breakup, you are no more their priority, but why your ex texted you and then ignores you? At such time, your sixth sense knocks and says maybe they are here for time-pass. It could be possible; they may be here to pass their time.

Your ex texted you and then ignored you at the same time because they don’t want you to feel special. In some situations, your ex is just time-passing with you to entertain themselves when they are bored.

Should I Respond to My Ex Texts?

Recently you broke up with your partner and cut ties off them.  Suddenly, you receive a text from your ex when you were not expecting it, which can be upsetting. But the point is should you reply to their text or not?

There will be nothing wrong if you ignore their text, especially when you have moved on. You don’t need to text back every time you get a message from your ex. You can ignore your ex’s text if they talk about unnecessary stuff; you should not let yourself be troubled by it. If you have someone now in your life, you don’t even need to bother about it.

It is okay if you want to reply to your ex, to vent your anger out. Even if you are curious about them, you can text them back, but you cannot accept them back in your life. Either you want to reply back or not, it will not be like the worst decision of your life.

Also, it depends on the text that what type of message they texted to you. Is your ex apologizing? Or do they have something serious to talk about with you?. Decide whether you should reply or not and if you decide to answer, reply according to their text type. If your ex texted you and then ignores your messages, it would be best if you don’t reply at all.

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How Should I Respond to my Ex Texts?

Suddenly getting a text from your ex after a long or short period is something least expected. Now you have received your ex text, what should you do? How should you respond to your ex’s texts? First, you need to figure out your feelings towards your ex. There are three stages; when you figure out where you are, then reply to them.

1. Acceptance Phase – Still Have Feelings

You were happy in a relationship, living beautiful moments of your life, then a breakup happened. Suddenly your good life turned into a living hell. You truly loved your ex; they loved you too, but somehow, the situation ended in a breakup. You couldn’t move on after a breakup and still, love them.

In this situation, you should immediately reply to your ex. If you both feel the same, you shouldn’t waste your time and get into the relationship.

If they text you with ‘I NEED YOU’ ‘I STILL LOVE YOU’ or ‘I MISS YOU.’ Then don’t immediately show your affections or what you feel. It will make them easy, and they will get relaxed about reconciling. Gradually let them know and get into the relationship.

2. The Confused Phase

The next stage is when you get confused. In this phase, you’re not able to differentiate between your feelings. Whether you should let go of your ex and move on or still hold them. You love them, but you quickly get attracted to others too. You don’t cry or miss them continuously, and you don’t know what to do.

So with a confused heart, you don’t know what to reply to your ex text. First of all, you need to figure out your feeling towards your ex, and it is only you who can differentiate. Make sure what you feel about your ex, and then reply to your ex’s texts.

You shouldn’t reply to your ex with a confused mind. You don’t know what you are typing at that time, and neither can you adequately express your feelings. If you text your ex in a confused state of mind, your ex won’t be able to get your point.

In such situations, your ex gets confused too. With your confusing message, they can depict anything according to their thinking. They may depict your feelings’ wrong meaning, and there will be a massive conflict between you two. To avoid this kind of situation, you have to know your feelings for sure.

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3. A ‘Clear No’ Phase – Cold Response

Your ex broke your heart badly or cheated on you, which caused a breakup. It was hard for you to face the trauma, but somehow you moved on. Now you don’t have any feelings towards your ex, neither hate nor love.

Now that you are sure of your feelings towards your ex, be precise while talking to them. You should straightforwardly speak to your ex and let them know about your feelings towards them. If your ex asks about getting back together, make sure to tell them about your feelings and refuse them properly.

However, if your ex texts you and asks for forgiveness, you should forgive them. Forgiveness is one thing; you should forgive your ex, but don’t allow them to ruin your life once again. State clear boundaries between you guys, and it is best if you go on with your ways after forgiving your ex.

But it’s not a sin if you won’t reply to your ex or ignore their texts. If you have found someone who truly loves you, don’t give a damn about your ex then. If necessary, you can give a savage reply to suggest them to move on.

What to do When Ex Texts You, And Then Ignores You?

Many people ask this question that what to do when ex ignores your texts or you? You don’t need to worry; keep reading the article; hopefully, you will get all of your answers.

When your ex texted you and then ignores you, don’t get flustered. First of all, you need to chill before doing anything. There are two consequences of everything, first positive and second negative.

After calming yourself, you have to think positively. It might be possible that your ex got busy with something or maybe got busy studying. Maybe your ex couldn’t see your reply because the phone’s battery is dead.

To know the reason for ignoring your text, you need to look into your ex’s personality. Was your ex always busy with their phone or use it when needed? Do they love fashion, trends, and social media? Were they materialistic and straightforward? These things will help you to understand that why they are ignoring your texts.

After understanding the situation in both terms, positive and negative, you see that your ex is still ignoring your texts but keeps messaging. This sick behavior of your ex shows that they are playing around. They are doing it for entertainment purposes.

Sometimes exes are not apparent about their feeling; that’s why they keep texting. They ignore you at the same time because they are not sure of their feelings. Also, they don’t want to hurt their ego and pride.

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my ex texted me then ignores me

How to Stop Your Ex from Ignoring Your Texts?

Here comes the main point, many of our readers question how we can stop our ex from ignoring us. If you want to make your ex stop ignoring you by force, let us tell you, IT WON’T WORK. Your ex will ignore you even more if you keep doing this.

If you genuinely want to know what to do when an ex ignores your text, you should read the latter part of the article very diligently. There are some points which you should be very careful about while dealing with this situation.

1. Respect And Love Yourself

First of all, if you want your ex to stop ignoring you, you need to respect yourself. Respect your complexion and body shape. Don’t disrespect yourself just because your ex body-shamed you once. Nobody is perfect, and no one will ever be. So, be confident in whatever you do and enjoy your life to its fullest with whatever you have.

Don’t take away the right of living from yourself by removing yourself from this world. Your ex isn’t worthy enough of your love if they shame you in any way. Be confident, respect, and love yourself the way you are. When you accept and love yourself, the whole world starts doing so too.

And if you are worried about your ex’s return, then be sure, this confidence of yours will ultimately attract your ex towards you.

2. Be a Successful Person

Your ex ignores your texts too? Don’t worry; it is a common problem. But we can make them stop ignoring us. You just need to attract your ex towards your success. Yes! Being successful isn’t easy but not impossible.

You can make your ex regret ignoring you by making yourself a billionaire. Your ex will become jealous of your accomplishments and will contact you first on their own.

If your ex still doesn’t interact with you, try making them feel jealous. Now it’s up to you to adopt whatever way to make your ex jealous. You can either make them jealous by flirting with other guys in front of them. The other way to make your ex feel jealous can be; showing off the accomplishments you achieved after breaking up with them.

3. Give Yourself And Your Ex Space

Most importantly, if you want your ex to contact you first and stop ignoring you, give them space. Don’t linger around every time you both meet in a private or public place. Be a bit reserve and calm, do not throw yourself over your ex. Maintain your physical distance and interact while maintaining that distance throughout your conversation.

Give them some privacy and space so that they return to you by their selves. Give your ex respect, and in return, they will give you care. Be polite and respectable while dealing with your ex but don’t be so available for them.

Your ex needs to feel that you are no longer into them, and you have already moved on. This tactic will help you get your ex back more quickly.

4. Be independent

In this modern era, independence is attractive. Instead of crying and begging in front of your ex, your walking away from your ex is slaying. It will affect your ex. Whenever your ex sees you, they will get anxious. Seeing you calm, happy, and independent will make your ex go nuts. Your ex may get attracted to you out of curiosity too.  

They will get attracted to your cold and uncaring behavior. This will help you to stop being ignored by your ex. Later your ex will realize the mistakes and will come back to you first. You can make your ex jealous by dating someone else. Then your ex will start to give you attention. Also, your ex will reply to you fast and stop ignoring your texts.


There are many ups and downs in a relationship. A massive problem in a relationship is why my ex texted and then ignores me? Ignorance is not acceptable in any relationship.  But why your ex keeps texting you and then ignores you?

Maybe because they want to know what is going on in your life or they were bored. It might be possible they still have feelings for you, but they are guilty of cheating on you. Maybe your ex is not able to move on because they got dumped by their new partner. They could be drunk too.

If your ex texted you but now ignores you, they may be playing games with you or teasing you for entertaining purposes. If you still love each other, you can consider reconciling. If you have already moved on, then don’t bother your life with your ex.

You can stop your ex from ignoring you by making yourself confident and independent.  Your ex will get attracted to you and initiate the conversation first.

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