How To Comment On Mother-Daughter Picture?

A mother-daughter picture says a lot about the relationship between two people. It could be honoring their relationship, or commemorating an important milestone – whatever it means to them, both subjects are sure to cherish this special moment. This article will share with you how to comment on mother-daughter picture.

Each mother-daughter picture is special. With that in mind, it’s important to comment on the unique qualities of each one. While it’s okay to say something generic like “I love this picture”, you’ll likely get better results if you think about what makes the picture unique and comment on that.


  • Commenting on mother-daughter pictures can brighten up their mood and boost their self-esteem.
  • When commenting, focus on the unique qualities of each picture and what makes it special.
  • Comment indirectly on the relationship between the mother and daughter, such as their resemblance or gestures.
  • You can also comment on their facial expressions, the emotions captured, or the happy moments depicted in the picture.
  • Avoid being rude, insulting, or commenting on age, weight, or personal matters.

Why Should You Comment On A Mother-Daughter Picture?

The mother-daughter picture is not just a cute photo that should be shared on social media. It’s so much more than that. Commenting positively on others’ mother-daughter pictures can brighten up their mood.

Everyone loves compliments, whether it be their dress or family picture. It makes them feel good and boosts their self-esteem. In addition, it’s fun to see how many likes you can get on a picture! So, comment on pictures you see of all the beautiful mothers and daughters out there.

Tips On How To Comment On Mother-Daughter picture

It is said that a picture tells a thousand words, then what does it means for this mother-daughter picture? Analyzing the pictures of any family or friends photos can reveal lots of information about that person or people.

The main purpose of getting complement from other people regarding certain pictures is to know how good it looks. However, it is not wrong to care about people’s comments on the mother-daughter pictures, as it’s very personal.

However, if you are looking for an easy guideline on how to comment on a mother-daughter picture, there are some tips here for you.

1. Comment Indirectly On Mother-Daughter Picture

The way you comment on a mother-daughter picture is very indirect. For example, if you see a picture with two ladies sitting in front of the mirror before going out for lunch, then it might be obvious that both are mothers and daughters.

You can mention this to them: “Your mom and you look so much alike!” This will make them feel happy and appreciate your effort to understand their family bond.

2. You Can Comment On Mother-Daughter Facial Expression

Assuming there is no accompanying information about the people in the pictures, sometimes just looking at their facial expressions does reveal many things.

You can notice that one person is very serious while another seems to be smiling. You can comment on that: “Your daughter looks so happy to go with you!” This will show that you noticed their respective moods and facial expressions.

3. You Can Comment On Mother-Daughter Gestures

If the picture is just of two women together, but without any other information about them, then what you can see in the mother-daughter picture is often its most important feature – showing how close they are to each other!

For example, one woman has her arm around the other’s shoulder; another is holding hands with her daughter, etc. These gestures make them look very sweet and affectionate toward each other. Commenting on these will make your comments more meaningful: “I can tell you guys are very close with one another!”

4. You Can Comment On The Feeling Coming From Their Pictures

You can make comments on how much happiness or sadness you think each family member feels when they are together at the moment captured in the picture. In other words, these pictures will tell you how much joy and sorrow they have experienced during that period.

There could be some deep emotional feelings that one may not realize taking place behind the scenes before that particular moment captured in the photo was taken. Thus, it is always interesting to find out what kind of stories may come up when you give your comments on these photos.

You may as well just choose to compliment both of them on how much fun it must be having meals or enjoying a vacation at that location in the picture.

5. You Can Comment On Happy Mother-Daughter Moments

You may also comment on whatever special things happened at that moment captured. For example, if this photo is taken during a college graduation day, then you can say something like “Congrats on your graduation! I bet you’re so happy right now” or “I bet you were so happy when your daughter graduated from college.”

If this photo has been taken during a birthday party, then you can complement both of them by saying something like “Happy Birthday” combined with lots of warm wishes for their health and happiness in life.

6. Comment Your Condolences If Anyone Of Them Have Passed Away

In some cases, both of them may be dead now as the time this particular picture was taken. If it is true, then you can show your sympathy by saying things like “I’m sorry to hear they have passed away” or something similar with a very sad tone in your voice.

7. You Can Comment On An Old Mother-Daughter Picture

Since all these pictures have been passed down from generation to generation, you may say “I hope future generations will continue to share this kind of photo just like we are doing now” as a compliment to the hard work and effort everyone has done to make it possible.

You can comment on how much of an excellent job they have done on keeping old photos safe.

8. You Can Comment On The Scenic Beauty

You may comment something about the locations you see in the photo. For example, if a mother-daughter picture includes a beautiful landscape or a wonderful architecture structure, then this is your chance to say whatever good things come to your mind related to those scenes.

You can comment on the scenic beauty of a mother-daughter picture

What Not To Comment On A Mother-Daughter Picture

Before you comment on a picture, the best thing is to look at it carefully and observe different aspects of it so that you can come up with a meaningful comment.

You need to be careful not to comment on something that can be considered racist or body shaming. You might want to avoid pointing out their flaws or how they appear. People are quite insensitive regarding their remarks and will end up hurting the feelings of those involved.

1. Do Not Be Rude Or Insulting

As a rule, never say anything that might hurt the mother-daughter feelings. If you want to compliment them on how beautiful they look in the picture, then go ahead and do so without saying something related to their weight or skin color.

In addition, do not mention anything about someone being less beautiful than what is evident from this photo.

2. Do Not Say Anything Related To Their Age

Besides, do not say anything related to age because it will be considered rude. For example, do not say something like “I bet you were so young when this picture was taken” or even worse something like “you look so old in this picture.

While commenting on mother-daughter picture do not mention age

3. Do Not Comment On Weight

Most importantly, avoid making comments on the size of their weight. According to recent findings, people are supposed to be more conscious about accepting themselves for who they are and not putting too much attention on how others look or what is considered good in society.

4. Do Not Comment Out loud In Public

Keep in mind though that if other people are around while you read out loud your comment, they might take it personally which you do not intend them to. It would be very awkward if everyone knows each other well so try to make sure there are no other bystanders while reading out your comments.

5. Do Not Make A Comment That’s Too Personal

One thing you should remember is that if you are commenting on my mother-daughter picture, then it is better not to say things that are too personal. Otherwise, they might feel embarrassed or uncomfortable for some reason.

More Examples On How To Comment On A Mother-Daughter Picture

There are many different situations where you can comment on a mother-daughter picture. This helps in creating a good first impression about you and the family as well. Here are some of the examples that you can use:

  • “You two look like great friends”
  • “I can tell you both care about each other a lot.”
  • “You guys are so close to each other!”
  • “Your daughter is very beautiful!” This comment can either refer to her facial features, dress style, or relationship with you as a mother.
  • “She has nice hair! It looks soft.” Whatever compliments you use, they should not be too direct otherwise it might come off as being weird. Try to think of more subtle ways to complement their daughter so that your comments sound natural and not harmful to anyone involved.
  • “You look so happy together!” Whether this is true or not does matter because at least this is a positive impression on whoever sees the photo. Try to comment on the positive aspects of this picture and you will get a good response from whoever is in it.
  • “Wow, I’ve never seen such a wonderful family picture before!”

You two look like great friends It's the nicest Comment you can give on a mother-daughter picture


Reading this article, you must have understood how to can comment on the mother-daughter pictures. There are many kinds of positive comments that you can make on mother-daughter pictures regarding the locations and people involved in those photos.

It is always nice to receive compliments from other people sharing their thoughts about these kinds of pictures because it will improve our self-esteem and self-confidence knowing we look good together with our loved ones reflected on those pictures.

Generally, it is not difficult to comment on these mother-daughter pictures. The picture records precious memories, it can be the college graduation day, birthday party, wedding ceremony, or any other important events that are directly related to happiness or sadness for one’s family.

Receiving comments or compliments about the mother-daughter picture is not the only thing that matters when it comes to sharing one of these special moments with other people. However, you can also start your tradition of sharing such photos with your family and friends.


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