How To Deal With A Jealous Mother?

Do you have a jealous mother? Whether you’re dealing with your irrational jealousy or the jealousy of someone close to you, here are some tips on how to deal with a jealous mother. Jealousy is an ugly and demeaning emotion that we all struggle with in one form another at some point in our lives. 

Jealousy is the result of insecurity. It’s an attempt to protect one’s own emotions, but it can have a very negative impact. If not dealt with, it can destroy a relationship.


  • Jealousy in mothers is normal but can become problematic if it becomes obsessive or leads to insecurity.
  • Tips for dealing with a jealous mother include maintaining open and honest communication, avoiding comparisons, and giving credit for your success.
  • Understanding the cause of your mother’s jealousy and offering support can help improve the relationship.
  • Spending quality time with your mother, respecting her need for space, and refraining from speaking negatively about her are important.
  • Expressing love and helping your mother fulfill her dreams can strengthen the bond between you.

Is It Normal For Mothers To Get Jealous?

Yes. Everyone gets jealous, but the problem is when it becomes obsessive. If your mother seems to be obsessed with you and your activities, she may be feeling a bit insecure.

This is especially true if she has been the primary caretaker for the family and you two have always been very close. She may feel a little threatened by your dating or friendships because she’s afraid of losing her ‘role’ as your mother.

It's Completely Normal For A Mother To Be Jealous

If that is not her problem, then it could just be that normal competitiveness that mothers have with their daughters. Since being a mother is such an important job to women. They often struggle with seeing their daughters take on the same role.

Tips On How To Deal With A Jealous Mother

Reaching a new and significant milestone in life must be your happiest day. No doubt everyone believes that mothers are always happy for their child’s success but at times they feel left out.

Just about every parent has a fear that if their child is doing better than they have, it will threaten their relationship with them. In this article, we shall try to address the issues and the best ways to handle a jealous mother.

1. Maintain An Open And Honest Relationship With Your Mother

A healthy relationship always believes that openness and honesty are important in building strong relations between friends, family members, or even parents and their children. So, for this reason, you should always talk about what you are doing with your mother.

Let her know your plans and desires. Make sure that you are sharing good things about yourself with her so she would be glad for you.

2. Communicate Openly About The Situation With Your Mother

A jealous mother is more likely to maintain a healthy relationship if she knows how it makes you feel when she does or says certain things that may hurt your feelings or insult you in some way. If this happens, try to tell her calmly how it made you feel instead of taking revenge on her by not talking to her for days.

This will create tension between both of you and can lead to bigger issues than just jealousy. A mother needs affection from their children; this keeps them happy, healthy, and full of life.

3. Avoid Comparisons In Front Of Your Mother

Jealous mothers are very sensitive. They always feel insecure when they see their children getting more attention than they do. Try to avoid comparisons in front of your mother because she may think that you are trying to prove that you are better or that she is not doing a good job being a mother.

4. Don’t Force Your Mother To Share Her Thought

In many cases, a jealous mother has many things going on in her life that she is not willing to share with others. So it’s okay if she doesn’t share most of the things and feelings about herself and her life with you.

This is how mothers are and they want their children to believe they have a perfect life. So don’t take it personally, just accept the fact that your mom may be holding back some of her thoughts and feelings.

5. Give Credit to Your Mother For Your Success

It is well known that children tend to underrate the amount of help they receive from their mothers. This is why you should always try giving them credit for your successes as often as possible because this will only strengthen your relationship as a close-knit family rather than being just taking all the help.

So next time you score a goal or finally place first in class rankings, make sure to give some credit where credit is due, and don’t be surprised if your mother wants to brag about you to everyone she knows!

6. Try To Find The Cause Of Jealousy

All you have to do once you’ve found out what the cause of your mother’s jealousy is, go straight to them and apologize for whatever it was that might have triggered their emotions.

Based on the research I’ve done, most mothers are jealous of their children because they feel as if they are no longer needed by their families anymore which is why you should always try helping them restore this.

7. Always Keep In Touch With Your Mother

A jealous mother always tries to keep herself busy by doing house chores at home because it makes her feel better when she is doing something productive with her time. She will always be expecting phone calls from you to make sure that she is still your number one priority and your life’s #1 fan.

When you call her, make sure to ask about how she has been feeling lately about certain things because this will help show her that you care more about her feelings than what others think of her as a parent.

A jealous mother only does these things out of love for their child so live up to the task by returning the favor in whatever way possible.

8. Trust Her With Your Secrets

Never keep secrets from your mother because she expects complete honesty from you at all times no matter how hard it gets or embarrassing it may seem because she trusts herself not to share it with others.

Always remember that your mother is on your side so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and feelings with her as often as you can. This will help form a strong bond between the two of you that will be difficult for other people to break up.

9. Believe In Your Mother’s Judgement

A jealous mother always loves their child unconditionally no matter what, so she expects the same from you by trusting and believing in her decision-making skills and intuition.

When it comes to situations like picking friends, choosing which school or course of study would make the most sense for you and many more because she wants you to excel in life not only through her but also through your skills and abilities.

10. Hang Out With Your Mother As Much As Possible

If possible, try hanging out with your mom as much as you can because this will help show her how important she is to you and vice versa. A jealous mother would be more than happy to hang out with their child whenever possible because they love spending time with them.

Say I Love You To Your Mother Makes Her Feel Appreciated And Lowers Jealousy

11. Give Your Mother Some Space Whenever She Asks For It

A mother’s love is very demanding but it should never turn into possessiveness towards her children. Therefore, letting your mother have some quality alone time will give the both of you a chance to do what pleases only each other without feeling guilty.

Remember that every mother needs some time to herself, once in a while, to keep her sane and fresh. So, don’t feel too bad about doing this for the both of you.

12. Never Say No To An Invitation From Your Mother

If your mother invites you to do something fun, just go along with it because she only wants the best for you which is why every single invitation that comes out of her mouth should be treated as if it were an order straight from the Queen herself.

So please never say no to any one of them because this will break her heart more than anything else ever could.

13. Never Talk Badly About Your Mother Behind Her Back

One of the biggest mistakes that most children tend to make with their mothers is talking badly about them behind their backs; therefore, try not to fall into this bad habit because this will only push your mother away from you.

This is why every single time you feel like saying something negative about her, let it out in a healthy environment such as therapy or counseling instead of venting your anger anywhere.

14. Tell Your Mother Every Day That You Love Her

A mother’s love for their children is unconditional, which is why all you have to do to win her over is tell her that you love her; if anything, this will only strengthen your relationship even more than it already has been.

Even though the words I love you might seem like a small thing to say and do for your mother, but it boosts energy.

15. Help Your Mother Fulfill Her Long-lost Dream

Even though mothers have a lot of responsibilities, they still have a life outside of their children which is why every child out there should always take the time to help their mother fulfill their long-lost dreams.

For example, if your mother has always wanted to become a dancer or singer then try helping them by signing up for classes if they don’t have the money to sign up for them themselves.

Help Mother Achieve Her Dream Can Lower Jealousy

So please give your mom what she wants without waiting too long because otherwise, it might be too late for both of you.


This article must have helped you better understand how to deal with a jealous mother.

Although jealousy seems like an impossible trait to get rid of, with time and patience you can help control your emotions when around someone who tends to make you feel less than confident or satisfied with yourself. Try using these tips above when dealing with a jealous mother or anyone for that matter.

Keep in mind that although there are different types of mother personalities, the common denominator is that they all love their children equally.

This can be seen through how each mother comes up with activities for you to attend with her or asks if you want to go out together on a day off.

So please never say no to spending time with your mom because she wants nothing more than for the both of you to bond.

This is why every time she asks, just give in and enjoy her company so the both of you can feel loved and confident about yourselves; which is what makes any mother truly proud.


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