How To Text An Ex Girlfriend After No Contact? (8 Major Steps)

How to text an ex-girlfriend after no contact can be tough to figure out. Moreover, it needs a lot of courage to text an ex. To send your ex-girlfriend a friendly note as a starter would be nice. However, since you have neglected her for so long, you won’t know how well it will go.

Some of my exes suddenly appeared out of digital woodwork in the last several years. Then there were the ones who texted each other and contacted them through social media. The good ones were welcomed back, the bad ones… well… not so much. So, the question here is, how do they differ?

The approach was different, and their vibe was different. So, before you send a text to your ex-girlfriend after no contact, think about it carefully beforehand. In this post, let us find out what to text your ex after no contact period.

How To Text An Ex Girlfriend After No Contact


  • Confirm if your ex-girlfriend is single or dating before making a move.
  • Think carefully and be patient before reaching out to your ex.
  • Avoid panic and send a friendly text without obsessing over the response.
  • Wait for a reply and avoid sending multiple messages.
  • Consider sending interesting texts, asking about her life, or reminiscing about good memories to engage her.

Things You Should Consider Before Sending a Text to Your Ex-Girlfriend After No-Contact

Usually, after a no-contact period, things become different. In most cases, neediness, panic, and desperation ebb away. It is interesting how different things become once no contact has ended. The post-no-contact period is crucial as this is when everything will turn out as it should be.

Depending upon what you do, either you both will get back together and enjoy an excellent relationship, or your decision to break up will prove justified. So, be cautious. Try to be very calm and careful with every step you take.

Now, you must have a slight idea of things you should keep in your mind while sending a text to your ex-girlfriend after no contact period. However, to make sure you get your ex’s attention, you should give attention to some extra things. Below are the points which will help you to know how to text an ex-girlfriend after no contact even better.

1. Check if your Girlfriend is Single or Dating Someone

First thing first, before doing anything, confirm whether your ex is dating or not. You should be very sure about your ex-girlfriend’s love life. If she is single, make your move right away. However, if your ex is dating someone, you should think of a plan and then contact her.

2. Think Carefully before Making your First Move

Texting or approaching your ex is quite normal after no contact. But if you play your cards right and be very cautious, you may win this war against your ex.

All you have to do is be very careful and think before doing anything. Avoid rushing things and be very patient throughout the process. All this wait will be worth it once you get your ex back.

3. Don’t be Panic – Just Send a text

Many people tend to be very nervous while approaching their exes after a no-contact period. They think about what to text an ex after no contact period.

Let me tell you something; what is meant to happen will happen no matter what. So, what is there for us to stress over? When you don’t even know what will happen in the future, why worry about it? Just relax.

Send your ex a text message and chill, don’t check your phone every second. If your ex-girlfriend texts you back, you can take things forward little by little. But if your ex doesn’t reply to you, don’t panic. Let your ex-girlfriend be. Enjoy your life.

4. Wait for Reply – Keep Calm

The biggest mistake boys make after no contact; they reach out to their exes without thinking about anything. Try to be disciplined and be patient in everything you do. Send your ex a text, and you should consider what to text your ex after no contact beforehand.

The critical point to get your ex-girlfriend’s attention back is sending her a text and waiting for her to respond. Avoid sending her messages over and over again. Just wait for the reply from your ex-girlfriend and then continue your conversation with her.

How to Text an Ex-Girlfriend After No-Contact? (8 Steps)

Before sending a text to your ex-girlfriend after a no-contact period, the first thing you should do is analyze the situation. There are three things you must ask yourself. The first thing you should consider is; how did you guys break up? The second thing to consider is the time you guys have been in no contact? Last but not least, do you really love your ex? 

These are the most crucial and essential things you should ask yourself before approaching your ex. Now, let say you have already considered these things, and you are ready to face your ex.

The question that arises here is; What should I write in a text to an ex-girlfriend after no contact? This is precisely why we are here. We will give you some hints which will help you in this matter. Below are the points you should keep in mind while sending a text to your ex-girlfriend after no contact.

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1. Don’t Send her Boring Text

The best text to send to an ex-girlfriend is one in which there is a piece of something interesting. You may text your ex after no contact, sending her exciting facts. Avoid sending her boring or cliché text messages. This behavior will annoy your ex, and she will ignore you even more.

Sending your ex interesting and exciting messages can be a plus point in getting her back. You may get your ex a bit faster using this technique.

2. Simply Ask her About Her Life

If you can’t think of some critical matters to discuss with her, simply ask about her health. How she is doing lately or how busy her life has become. Random questions like these enhance the chances of friendship. Your ex may accept your friendship proposal, and you guys may end up in a relationship too.

We can not predict what is going to happen in the very next moment. But you can give your best in whatever you do. So, all you have to do is send your ex a text after no contact and wait for the response.

3. You Can Tell Her that You Miss Her

After completing your no-contact period, you can now approach your ex. There isn’t anything wrong with re-approaching your ex after a no-contact rule. However, reach out to your ex through the proper channel.

If you approach your ex through hideous ways, she will never respect or love you the way she did before. And you surely don’t want it to happen. So, it would be best if you were cautious all the time.

You can tell her about your feelings by sending her messages. Text messages to send to your ex-girlfriend can contain anything you desire to say to her.  Tell her that you miss her, and spending time with her would still be your favorite thing to do.

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4. Ask for Some Advice

Sending a text to your ex-girlfriend after no contact is indeed very difficult. However, if you want her back, you have to take the first step in reaching out to her. Otherwise, you will be left with nothing except repentance in the end.

If you aren’t able to think of anything else, you can ask your ex for a piece of advice. You can send your ex a text message saying, “can you please help me suggest what should I do regarding this matter?” If you reach out to your ex in this manner, she will definitely respond to your text.

5. Crack a Joke at Which You Both Used to Laugh

If you feel you are ready to face reality, you can text your ex-girlfriend after no contact. Reach out to her by proper means and by using effective tactics. Girls love funny men who joke around occasionally. Guys with a great sense of humor catch girl’s attention faster. 

If you are a meme person and love them, you can send them as a text to your ex-girlfriend after no contact. Send your ex a meme or funny text message first; it will help break the ice between you two. It will also increase the chances of your ex accepting your friendship offer. 

When you are trying to be friends with your ex-girlfriend again, you may wish to send her some funny memes, funny photos, etc. Besides, it will remind your ex-girlfriend that you both enjoyed each other’s company. 

6. Remind Her about Precious Moments You Had Together

You may not be delighted with your last encounter with your ex, but there would be good memories too. Imagine a time when you shared something sweet, and you are sure your ex would appreciate hearing about it. Just something that makes your ex smile, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Bringing up such sweet memories would help soften your ex-girlfriend’s hearts. Your ex may consider taking you up on your offer of friendship. If you text your ex-girlfriend after no contact wisely, the chances of you two getting back together increase abruptly.

7. Leave Your Conversation Incomplete Wanting Her for More

Ending your conversation at a climax is the secret to making your ex-girlfriend want to talk to you again. Texting her is not just to get her attention but also as a building block for future conversations. What you’re going to do is engage her.

When you text your ex-girlfriend after no contact, you get to a point during many conversations when things get stagnant. In such situations, you get confused, and an awkward situation happens. To avoid this awkwardness from happening, talk to your ex-girlfriend about the stuff she is interested in. 

While talking to your ex through texting, you must do one thing to keep her hanging and curious. Take your ex-girlfriend to the climax of the discussion and end it there abruptly. Doing this will make her curious, and she would want to know more.

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8. Don’t do Overemotional Drama

Being over-emotional and over-sensitive kills every last chance of getting an ex back.  Therefore, before sending a text to an ex-girlfriend after no contact, make sure to keep your emotions under control. Reach out to your ex in a very calm and proper manner.

If you reach out to your ex-girlfriend in a very emotional and depressing way, your ex will feel annoyed. You were the one who started this in the first place, and when your ex is finally over you, you came back. Keep your emotional and depressing self away from yourself while dealing with an ex whom you left yourself.



Many people out there have this mindset that the no contact rule is to get back their ex. But no contact alone can never make your ex-girlfriend come back to you. It takes lots of other things to make your ex come back to you. An essential thing here is to know how to text an ex-girlfriend after a no-contact rule.

Your ex-girlfriend may miss you during a no-contact period, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she wants you back in her life. To make her fond of you again, you need to grasp her attention and get her back through the texting technique.

Be very careful when sending a text to an ex-girlfriend after a no-contact rule. Analyze the whole situation before taking action and be very cautious throughout the entire process of getting her back.

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