Why Do I Keep Seeing My Ex Name Everywhere?

Have you just has been through a rough breakup and are trying to move on with your life. Well, we wish you all the best. But, please know that certain factors like bumping into your ex or coming across their name all the time is not a good thing when you’re trying to move on.

If you have been lately wondering as to why do you keep seeing your ex name being taken and written everywhere, chances are, you’re annoyed. Obviously, their name showing up everywhere is keeping your from forgetting them. This, ultimately makes it hard to get past the bad breakup and makes you weak in the knees.

If you come across your ex’s name everywhere and feel like throwing a fit, we’re here to tell you why the universe is playing this trick on you. Below, we are discussing some reasons why you might be seeing your ex’s name all the time.


  • Seeing your ex’s name everywhere can hinder your ability to move on from a breakup.
  • Reasons for constantly seeing your ex’s name include the universe forcing you to remember them, excessive thoughts about them, being stalked, or being stuck in the past.
  • Seeking professional help might be necessary if you constantly think about your ex or believe it’s a sign to be with them.
  • Ways to stop seeing your ex’s name everywhere include staying busy with hobbies, discarding reminders of them, cutting off social media connections, and getting out of the house to meet new people.
  • Excessive thoughts about an ex can affect self-esteem, motivation, work performance, and personal relationships, so it’s important to cope with emotions directly.

1. The Universe Is Forcing You To Remember Them

If you’re being forced by the universe to remember your ex, then it might mean that you two were meant for each other. It also means that the universe doesn’t want you moving on which makes sense because it can be hard since they just keep popping up everywhere.

Now, this might seem like a crazy reason to some. You might be thinking how can a name popping up all over the place could be a good thing. But, chances are your ex’s name keeps popping up everywhere because you’re going to bump into them soon.

2. It’s All In Your Head

If you’ve been seeing your ex’s name everywhere, then it might mean that you’re thinking about them way too much. This is the worst-case scenario because if you’re thinking of them way too much, then they’ll always be on your mind and there will be no getting rid of them.

If you’ve been seeing your ex's name, it might mean you’re thinking about them too much

So, how can you stop your thoughts from straying? Try to take up a new hobby. They say the best way to forget something is by filling your mind with something else entirely. Once that happens, then their name will no longer be popping up everywhere, because it’ll have no space in your thoughts anymore.

3. You’re Being Stalked By Them

Now, if you keep seeing your ex name everywhere it might mean the opposite. It could mean that your ex is purposely stalking you and they’re doing so because they’re not over you yet.

This isn’t fun for anyone to be stalked by someone they used to date. But, if you’re being stalked by your ex, then they might be using it as a way of getting back into your life.

4. You’re Going Crazy And Need To See A Therapist

Now, this is a serious one and many might never believe it being a reason behind seeing their ex’s name everywhere. But, we have to address it to save you from future turmoil.

If you come across your ex’s name everywhere too much, you might need professional help

If you come across their name everywhere and feel like this is a sign that you should be with them, then we’re sorry to tell you this but it means that you need professional help. Being in a constant need of your ex and thinking about them like crazy is a serious problem that can’t be fixed alone and will require the help of a professional.

5. You’re Stuck In The Past And Need To Get Over Them

If you keep coming across their name everywhere it means that you’re thinking about them constantly. You might even be wanting to get back together with them. But, if you think of your ex this much, then it’ll only lead you nowhere because they won’t be thinking of you in the same way.

So, what can you do to stop obsessing over your ex? Try thinking about the reasons why you broke up and that should remind you that this isn’t going to work out. You might never want to let go of someone who broke your heart but it’s time for you accept the situation and move on with your life.

6. They Are On Your Mind Constantly

If it seems like your ex is on your mind constantly, then you should know that this might be a sign of depression. There are certain types of depression where the person feels as if everything is going downhill and they have no control over their lives.

This means that your ex might be the only thing you can think about, which gives them a great deal of control over everything. This is not healthy at all and it’s time to seek professional help if this keeps happening.

7. Your Ex Keeps Messaging You

Yes, you read that right! Even after your ex broke up with you, they might still want to get in touch with you because they don’t want things to end between the two of you. They keep messaging you or liking your statuses just so that they can show that there’s still hope for them to get back together with you.

If this is happening to you, then it means your ex is trying to manipulate you into falling for them again. Don’t let this happen because if they are still thinking about you even after breaking up with you, then there must be something wrong with the relationship to begin with.

8. Your Ex Keeps Doing Things Just To Get Your Attention

If your ex keeps doing these things to get your attention, then they might still be in love with you. However, if this keeps happening, then it could mean that they don’t want the relationship to end because they’re afraid of losing what they had.

You might feel flattered that your ex still wants you back, but you need to ask yourself if this is healthy. If they are doing all these things just to prove that they love you, then it’s time for them to let go of the relationship and move on with their lives.

9. You Think Of Them Constantly Even After Being Dumped

Are you still thinking about your ex all the time? This might be a sign that you can’t get over them. If this is happening, then it could mean that there was something wrong with the relationship to begin with. Either way, if you can’t stop thinking of your ex even after being dumped, then you might need help to get over them.

The constant obsessing over your ex isn’t healthy and could lead to depression if you can’t let go of the idea that they still love you. Their constant presence in your thoughts only means that you need time off from each other because it’s clear that things aren’t going to work out.

Don’t make yourself miserable by thinking about your ex all the time because it’s only hurting you. Instead, try to get on with your life and let them do the same. There might come a point where you bump into each other and that could be an awkward moment but try not to show it. It’s time to move on and you can do that by staying away from them as much as possible.

I Keep Seeing My Ex Name Everywhere: How To Stop?

If you do not plan on getting back with you ex and are rather trying to move on, seeing their name everywhere might be an annoying experience. You are surely looking for some ways to escape from this. Here, we will let you know how to stop yourself from seeing your ex everywhere .

1. Stay Busy With Your Hobbies

When you are busy with your hobbies and interest, it can be hard for your mind to think of anything else but your activities. It can divert your attention and lessen the chances of thinking about them. It is a simple way to stop yourself from thinking about the past.

2. Discard And Avoid Items That Remind You Of Them

Do you have items that remind you of your ex? Try discarding them and avoid going places where they might be. If it’s impossible for you to get rid of these items, then at least, hide them in a place where you can’t see.

3. Cut Off All Social Media Connections With Them

Stalking your ex on social media might give you a feeling that they are still a part of your life. You should stop all the activities and connections with them so that there is no chance of thinking about them. So, how can you stop yourself from seeing your ex everywhere? Simple, by blocking them!

4. Get Out Of The House

If you are trying to stop yourself from thinking about your ex, then the best way is to get out of your house. Go somewhere else and meet new people. Interacting with new people will help you divert your mind and give it something different to think about instead of concentrating on the past that you want to forget.

If you're trying to stop thinking about your ex, the best way is to get out of your house

Take a break from your routines and try something new. Keeping yourself busy will help you kill time and distract your mind.


It is normal to miss your ex and often wonder what they are doing. However, if you find it hard to control thinking about them all the time, then you need to learn how to stop yourself from thinking about them.

Excessive thinking of someone who has hurt or disappointed us can affect our self esteem, motivation, performance at work and personal relationships. Try coping with sadness, anger or anxiety head on instead of avoiding them by thinking about your ex all the time.

If you are finding it difficult to stop yourself from seeing your ex name everywhere, then get professional help so that you can learn how to move on.


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