My Ex Blocked Me Everywhere: What To Do?

Being blocked by someone on social media is not a good thing for anyone’s self esteem. Thing get even worse when it is your ex blocking you. You start wondering as to why my ex blocked me? How do I get insights into their life now?

Did they block me to hurt me? Did I do something wrong? Is it because of the conversation we had on social media that made him or her block me? You start thinking about all these things which are not beneficial for you in any way.

However, it is hard not to think this way too. So, we decided to write this guide that can help anyone who has been blocked by their ex. So, read on.


  • Being blocked by an ex on social media can negatively impact self-esteem and lead to speculation about the reasons behind it.
  • Reasons why an ex might block you include wanting to hurt you, being in a new relationship, still having feelings for you, being angry, or trying the no contact rule.
  • Finding out why your ex blocked you can be done by directly asking them or spying on their social media profiles.
  • To move past being blocked, engage in fun activities, improve your own life, pursue old hobbies, and practice patience.
  • To potentially get unblocked, apologize, appeal to their emotions, show personal growth, ask them directly, or wait it out while maintaining respectful communication.

8 Reasons Why Your Ex Blocked You

Before you go on to do something about your ex blocking you, it is important to understand what caused them to take such an extreme step. Here are some reasons why your ex blocked you:

1. They Want To Hurt You

If the breakup has been bad enough for your partner to block you, they might be trying to hurt or make a statement by blocking you. This may not seem fair, but it is common behavior after a bad breakup.

2. They Are Seeing Someone Else

If the reason is that your ex blocked you because they are seeing someone new, you have to accept it and respect their decision. It is very frustrating but there is nothing much you can do about it.

3. They Are Still In Love With You

Blocking you can be a form of selfcare for your ex. People who are still in love with their exes often block them to avoid getting hurt.

People who are still in love with their exes can block them to avoid getting hurt

This is usually a way of protecting themselves and should not be taken as anything personal.

4. They Are Mad At You

If your partner is blocking you because they are still mad at you, you can apologize and hope that one day they might unblock you. Ignoring them isn’t going to help you with this.

5. They Are Over You

There is a possibility that your ex blocked you because they are over you and do not feel the need to talk to you anymore. In most cases, people will gradually unblock you if this is the case so just give it some time.

6. You Broke Their Trust

If you have broken their trust, the only thing that will fix it is time and action on your part. There is nothing much you can do in this case apart from apologizing sincerely for what happened.

7. They Are In A New Relationship

Whether they are blocking you out of jealousy or because the new partner doesn’t like you, there is not much that can be done in this case either. It would require a lot of patience and understanding in this situation as well.

8. They Are Trying Out The No Contact Rule

If they are trying out the no contact rule, you should try and make the first move. If your ex is doing this, they are probably not ready to talk yet but would like to know that you are alright.

How Do I Find Out Why My Ex Blocked Me?

Now that we know some reasons why your ex blocked you, let us look at how to find out exactly why they did so:

1. The Obvious Approach

If you do not mind being blocked again, the best way to find out why your ex blocked you is to ask them. However, it may be hard for you to do this in person so feel free to write them an email if that’s easier.

The best way to find out why your ex blocked you is to ask them

2. Spying On Their Profile

Since social media has a lot of information about our daily lives and activities, finding out why they blocked you is going to involve some spying on their profiles or accounts. This may be embarrassing but it is the only way.

3. Using A Third Party App

There are various third party apps which help you get back at people by getting access to their private messages and account details etc. In case your ex blocked you on WhatsApp, this may be the only way to get back at them. However, use these apps responsibly since they are against the law in many countries.

How To Get Past Your Ex Blocking You?

Getting past the fact that your ex has blocked you is very hard. Try not to let this thing get the best of you.

Getting past your ex blocking you is hard. Don't let this get the best of you

There are a few steps that you can follow in order to get past your ex or any closed one blocking you:

1. Start With Fun Activities

If you have been stuck in a rut with nothing to do because the person you used to hang out with was now unavailable, it is time for you to start doing things again. Find like-minded people and do fun activities that can give you great memories and stories to tell about later on.

2. Improve Your Own Life

The way we define our own lives is directly related to who we surround ourselves with and how they define us as well. If there are some changes that you want to make in your life, try and make them slowly but surely by taking one step at a time. This will give your life more meaning and purpose which may make you more desirable to your ex.

3. Catch Up On Old Hobbies

There are some hobbies that you perhaps used to enjoy but have not done in a long time. This is the perfect time for you to catch up on those activities and see how much fun they are. It is also possible that doing these things will help you meet new people who may end up being good friends or even partners if that’s what you are looking for.

4. Be Patient And Do Not Rush Things

It took quite a bit of effort on your part to block your love interest so now it is nice to take some time out for yourself to recuperate from all the emotional turmoil. Let them miss you and wait for their call. If it doesn’t happen, make the first move and take things slowly instead of trying to do everything all at once.

How To Make Your Ex Unblock You?

Getting yourself unblocked gets a little easier if you know the real reason behind your ex taking such a rash step. Here are some suggestions on how to accomplish this task:

1. Be The First One To Apologize

Your first step should be apologizing since the other person is probably not ready to do so. If you are good at saying sorry, this should not be too difficult. However, if your relationship was full of strife and misunderstandings, it is possible that you will need to say sorry more than once.

2. Appeal To Their Emotions

We all have different ways of dealing with our emotions and the best way for one person to apologize may not work on another person. Therefore, you should appeal to their emotions by pointing out how much they meant to you or why breaking up would feel like a mistake etc. Your love interest might realize what they stand to lose if things don’t change between the two of you which could make them rethink their decision.

3. Show Your Reformed Self

If you have changed for the better, it is time to show your reformed self. It could be some action like helping an old lady cross the street or something more subtle like talking about humanism in everyday conversations etc. Your love interest may realize how much they need you in their life if you can demonstrate what a better person you are.

4. Ask Them To Unblock You

Since the reason behind blocking someone on social media is always related to some disagreement between two people, asking them directly whether they would unblock you will get an answer especially when things get awkward.

If they say no, try and get feedback as to why so that it makes it easier for both of you to fix things which lead to this situation.

5. Wait It Out

If all else fails, you have to accept the situation and wait it out patiently without being passive aggressive or trying to over compensate for the lack of communication by calling everyday etc.

Even if your ex takes a long time to think things through, they will reach their decision in due time which can be beneficial for both of you as well as your relationship.

How To Get Your Ex Back Fast?

Obviously, you’ve taken all the pains of reading throughout because you want your angry ex back in your life. Right?

There are several reasons why a person who made us feel like we’ve never felt before suddenly walks away from our lives without a word. In order to make them miss you and want you back in their life, follow these suggestions:

1. Keep The Communication Open

If there are misunderstandings between you two, try and clear the air by being candid. If your ex is not responding to your texts or calls, do not go all out by calling everyday because that will only push them further away. Instead start with just one text saying that you would like to talk followed by a call if they don’t respond.

This way they can choose their own time for communication instead of being forced into it which will make it easier for them to talk about what went wrong in the relationship as well as fix things.

2. Let Things Take Their Natural Course

Since love interests are usually involved in several social activities, let things take their natural course before trying to contact them or arranging dates with each other etc. By taking things slowly, there is less of a chance that they will feel like you are trying to pressure them into anything which might make them uncomfortable.

Instead, focus on how you can be a better person for their sake so that they realize what they stand to lose if the relationship doesn’t work out.

3. Show A Little Interest

Since your love interest may already have several options in terms of dating people, it is important to show some interest even though you aren’t too sure about wanting to get back together with them just yet.

Your interests could include talking about pop culture or asking after mutual friends etc. which will let your ex know that you care enough for each other to make an effort.


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